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Any good wireless internet plans ?


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All I see are capped with pathetic FUP and the exorbitant amount charged is not favorable too.

Any good wireless internet plans using USB dongle ?


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If you are a serious googler and not serious downloader then go for reliance 500 plan because it give you a constant speed of 256kbps.or if you download more hd videos then go for BSNL EVDO plans for unlimited downloading and its cost is rs750


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All I can suggest t you is go to for Tata Photon.....I have both Airtel(3G) and also Tata Photon(2G) and I will say at times the tata speed is much better than airtel and also they are a bit cheaper as it's 2G...
though it may depend on area as well so can't specify what works best for you
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