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Android not ready for multi-cores?

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don't decide by just reading these type of articles. my advice, first decide what os you want. os is a matter of personal choice. so I will advice you to decide os first and then choosing a particular cellphone according to your budget and requirements

answer for your query. we are now in the ics age. it is much more matured to use multi core processors compared to previous versions

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Do not bother yourself with those nitty gritties,enjoy your new phone.
And yes Android was,is or never will be optimised for the hardware.But this should not bother you much unless you compare it with closely some really fine tuned mobile o.s.
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That article is sh!te!

Judging an OS just by the sheer number of apps it has is stupid, IMO. I would rather judge an OS by the feature and ease of use, where no OS is even close than Android.
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