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Andhra Pradesh CM missing

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Andhra Pradesh CM DEAD

HYDERABAD: Anxiety in government and Congress circles is growing even as seven helicopters, including four from the Indian Air Force, are on
desperate search and rescue mission for the helicopter carrying Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, which has been missing since 9.27am on Wednesday. ( Watch Video )

The CM left Hyderabad on a six-seater Bell chopper at 8.35am for Chittoor accompanied by his secretary and chief security officer. After 9.27am, radio contact was lost with the helicopter. This was when the chopper entered the thickly forested, Naxalite-infested Nallamalla hill range.

The heavy rain and zero visibility in the Nalamlla forest, an extension of Eastern Ghats, is making the search operations difficult, officials said. Large parts of the forest are also flooded because of the overflowing Srisailam reservoir. Officials also said that the met department's predictions for the day included heavy rain and lightning.

Andhra Pradesh finance minister A Rosaiah said at a press conference that no contact has been established with the chief minister's chopper. Search and rescue operations are still on, he said. The state is coordinating with central agencies in Delhi to locate the CM's chopper. The PM's office is also in touch with the state government. Several helicopters have left for search operations, he added.

The state government has appealed to people for help and asked them to get in touch with the nearest police station if they have any information. Sources in the Congress, the chief minister's party, described the situation as grim.

Reports say state finance minister A Rosaiah will be holding another press conference with the Chief Secretary, AP government and the Director General of Police at 7pm on Wednesday.

Earlier today, confusion prevailed over the missing chopper as minister for civil aviation Praful Patel said Reddy's helicopter had been located. but it hasn't

DAMN he's DEAD this shudnt had happen ( :(( )
confirmed by central governtment (ahmed patel)
Man we lost a great Cm of Andhra :(
Source : TV channels
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wat the hell is happening the cm of a state (my) missing
we dont have perfect equipment to even locate him .. DAMN
its been 10 hours now
hope he is fine
Actually Indian Air Force have now deployed Sukhoi Jets to locate him but yes it is very shameful that we can't even protect our VVIPs like State CMs. This is some seriously stupid stuff.
Ramping up the frantic search for missing helicopter of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S R Reddy, the IAF on Wednesday deployed a
Sukhoi fighter jet with on-board radar for high resolution ground mapping to locate it.

"The IAF has pressed into service a Su-30MKI fighter aircraft with synthetic aperture radar for high-resolution ground mapping to locate the missing helicopter of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister," an IAF officer said here.

The Su-30MKI air superiority fighter jet will be supported in the search operation by an air-to-air refueller so that fuel could be transferred to the aircraft while flying.

The air-to-air refuelling will help the Sukhoi to continue its search for longer hours as the aircraft is capable of operating day and night.

The fighter jet has flown out of its base in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh and will be provided fuel during flight, if required, by IL-78s that will fly out from Agra, he said.

The Sukhoi deployment came within hours of the IAF launching four military helicopters to locate the Bell-430 VVIP chopper, which went missing after taking off from Hyderabad in the morning.
Source: TOI


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even with allthe high technology, they still haven't found him.
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This is very unfortunate event!..Let's pray with peoples of Andhra,that he found soon in good health!


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guys, let's not forget that he is lost in dense forest and the heavy monsoon rains is preventing any helicopter flying in that area.

Satellites will be available for imaging only on Thursday morning.
helis can't fly due to near zero visibility
many of the streams are overflowing and preventing land search operation to move at airforce.

Sometimes, you just can't rely totally on technology. Also do remember that no signal is being sent from that aircraft and they were not carrying any satellite phone which I don't understand why.

My anger is more towards mediocre disaster planning done for the trip.
Posted again:
taken from TOI:

From remote sensing satellites, fighter jets, UAVs, troops on the ground to barefoot deer-hunting tribals with bows and arrows - a mission of huge magnitude is underway to trace YSR Reddy's missing helicopter.
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