1. P

    Halo Nightfall- TV Series

    Since i have seen in Recent time many halo fans Don't know about it. i decided to create a thread about it8-) Its a 5 part mini series set as the prequel to Halo 5 and revolves around Halo 5's Main HERO Agent Locke (depends on if you Believe master chief is a Traitor or Not) mjl_vxXSkAg...
  2. G

    Will Hindu Males Alone Benefit from India's Growth, Student Asks IMF Chief

    Will Hindu Males Alone Benefit from India's Growth, Student Asks IMF Chief What kind of thinking does this girl have to address these types of questions to foreigners, here the IMF chief of all the people. Is the IMF chief an authority on Indian society? Seems as if the more educated we are...
  3. Vyom

    Delhi Election 2015

    This is the most happening Elections ever. With AAP in the city, BJP have been having nightmares. Dumping AAP in favour of BJP, seems neither to help her or the party. Let's discuss what it could mean to Delhi and the nation... Live Stat: Delhi Election Results 2015, Live Assembly Election...
  4. Flash

    #PK #Piracy? Akhilesh Yadav 'Downloads' a Controversy

    The Chief Minister's Office attempted damage control with its own tweet this morning. "#UPCM #Akhileshyadav has licensed @UFOMoviez digifacility to download & watch movies. Controversy around pirated download is unwarranted," said the tweet. Officials say the Chief Minister has a legitimate...
  5. V

    Kamraj-The King maker

    Can You show a single Nationalleader in India,who defy Gandhiji, still went on became President of congress party, than chief Minister of his State ? Can any one remember a man who ruled a state for nine years, and made two prime Miniser, died without paiseless..? Queen visited him, prime...
  6. G

    I was offered a bribe of Rs. 14 crore, says Army Chief

  7. socrates

    Olympus chief sacked

    Olympus chief sacked | News | TechRadar UK :shock: Olympus chief sacking - update | News | TechRadar UK
  8. din

    Vanara Sena chief get what he deserve :)

    Remember Vanara Sena chief ? That moral police guy Pramod Muthalik. He got what he deserve and I am sure majority will agree too :) Source - Just what he deserved Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say. Well, a full year after then-unknown outfit Sri Ram Sene assaulted several women...
  9. azzu

    Andhra Pradesh CM missing

    Andhra Pradesh CM DEAD HYDERABAD: Anxiety in government and Congress circles is growing even as seven helicopters, including four from the Indian Air Force, are on desperate search and rescue mission for the helicopter carrying Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, which has...
  10. pr.itdude

    59 yr old "YOUNG" Mr. Bhagwat

    Mr. Bhagwat is the new RSS chief after K S Sudarshan stepped down and announced his retirement. Mr. Sudarshan said young people should come forward and take major positions although he might be true as he retired at around 80 and the new chief is mere 59 yrs old.......actually young as...
  11. INS-ANI

    Condolence to mumbai victims and heroes sacrifice

    This thread is intended to offer condolence to victims of Mumbai massacare. I especially offer condolence and all my respect to chief of ATS Hemant Karkare,encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, additional commissioner Ashok Kamte and two brave NSG commandos. These three died as a heroes, taking...
  12. RahulTheboyofFuture

    Halo 3 Review

    Halo3 September 23, 2007 - My father once told me, "Never start a fight you don't intend to finish." Master Chief's pappy must have said something similar to him long before John-117 became a Spartan, because in Halo 3, the iconic action hero does indeed finish the fight. There is no...
  13. azzu

    Master Chief's Girl is Sexy, Shares Outfits With Master Chief

    David Johnson has created this striking, polymer clay figurine of Master Chief's girl. The artwork, titled Mz Master Chief, is one of a kind and is available by auction on eBay. At the time of writing, the price stands at $338 and we are sure it will fetch a little more yet. Usually, we would...
  14. entrana

    MIT students turn famed Harvard statue into 'Halo' chief

    It goes without saying that in addition to a stellar reputation for academic innovation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is renowned for its geeky pranks. The best-known of these was perhaps the time when students decorated the campus' Great Dome to look like Star Wars robot R2D2 in...
  15. webgenius

    Microsoft says Google success was "wake-up call"

    Source: *
  16. Simple_Graduate

    Army wants a Chief of Defence Staff

    * So should we have a CDS??
  17. iMav

    Apple's iPhone Confirmed

    I have said this before in other threads .... now its apple's chief confirming it ... now i can also say that .... apple is going the MS way jumping in every field The company's chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer made a statement suggesting that Apple is definitely working portable music...
  18. devaraj

    Murthy to continue as Chief Mentor of Infosys. The Giant still Sustains His Place!

    Source: Infosys Technologies Limited on Wedneday announced its Chairman and Chief Mentor N R Narayana Murthy, who is retiring on August 20 when he turns 60, would serve as the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor with effect from August 21. The Board of...
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