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******** All laptop between 45 - 60k ********


Broken In
Hi all , i wanna buy a laptop with in 10 days so plz suggest me for best one acc. to my budget.......

Min. req.......
1) i5 processor
2) 620 hdd
3) Min. 1 GB graphics card
4) Min. 4 GB

and much more...........


tech savy.. :D
first of all let me help u with some tech stuff here... u say u want min 1 gb graphics card, i must tell u that these days laptops above 40k mostly offer 1 gb cards (and 1gb is enough ,more than that wont come in use), vram isnt much of a concern its the model u should be looking at( like its core clock, pipelines n all stuff) ..i told u this so u can easily compare 2 cards..

now the point, what are ur requirements, acc to ur budget we can offer u power packed system with no special features or fully featured system with no power, so please tell why u want it, ur basic needs..including screen size( which i think will be 15" or 17")..

also tell if u are brand specific ( hate or prefer some brand)

HP Pavilion DV7 Series DV7-6010TX Laptop With Dedicated Graphics: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review HP Notebook here we have a big screen less gaming power model..

then we have our best model HP Pavilion DV6 Series DV6-6121TX Laptop: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review HP Notebook
(best for gaming in this range)

then this HP Pavilion DV6 Series Dv6 - 6120tx Laptop: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review HP Notebook
full 1080i screen but less on graphics( i wouldn't compromise graphics for screen considering gaming)

will post more when u tell ur requirements..
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