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All games crashes with xfx nvidia 9500 GT


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Hi Everyone,
I've been using xfx nvidia 9500 GT with 1GB DDR2 RAM withoout any issues for one year. But recently, if I launch any game, they all just freeze with multi coloured patches appearing on the UI. The system hangs and I need to hard reset. This happens only If I launch games. Otherwise, I don't see this problem with windows or while browsing etc.
I tried updating to the latest drivers, still no remedy.
I suspected that it may due to issue with RAM. I checked that out but it is not the problem. I even re-installed directX 9c... u know... just in case... :p
I freed up C drive to give some swap space. But nothing works.
Is my hardware gone.... ??? :|


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hmm .. If it were happening with all games then i am afraid that ur gpu is dying !! If it were inside werrenty then RMA it.


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monitor the temperature of GPU / CPU using GPUz or HWinfo. try to install the latest direct x / nvidia drivers and update to latest video bios . if still problem comes , remove the graphics card and try running the system with onboard intel graphics ( assuming that u have processor with intel HD graphics ) . try running those games at the lowest settings .

if it still fails - try giving the card for rma after registering an online complaint at their support site .

appearance of texture corruption is not a good sign , mate :(
anyways check the temperatures first . idle and during heavy usage in games .


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looks like a issue with gpu vram - but OP should check the gfx card for any signs of overheating ( use hwinfo app ) and check system memory using memtest86+ app and if possible a fresh windows OS installation and install all the latest drivers.


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Thanks for your reply , guys... I went ahead and sent it back to claim waranty. Let's see how it goes.
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