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Advice needed: Buying new Samsung Galaxy S3 @ 29K without bill


Why buy without a bill when you can get it with bill for just 3k more ?

Get it with bill. It's not smart to buy such expensive phones without bill for almost no benefit.


Broken In
Thanks guys for all the advices & wishes. I’ve purchased the marble white. Both the white & blue were available with 2012 July package (month & year of import) & garnet red color was available in both august & september month box package. I’ve heard in some forums that the June package have few battery issues. I checked in 4 to 5 stores for the latest package of white (either in august or september month), but only could either june or july package.

A review would be nice :D

There are plenty of technical reviews on this phone, lol & why one more repetition?. Maybe i can try a non technical review from the view of an end user. Can also review on the 2 leather cases , stylus & other accessories I am using with this phone.


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Guys, OP already bought the phone.
@OP: Why don't you update the 1st post that "YOU BOUGHT THE PHONE WITH BILL"/
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