1. M

    advice for buying gaming pc(45k-50k)

    i'm bit confused about the selection of processor can any one suggest the best config from the given two config's 1.amd fx4100,asus m588 motherboard,sapphire 6850 grapics card i5 processor,mother board:67mle,sapphire 6850 graphics card(the cost exceeds beyond 50k)
  2. S

    Vista ready !!

    First of all here is my System specifications: AMD Athlon XP 2400+, 2.01 GHz CPU, 40 GB HDD, LG DVD-RW, VIA/S3 Unichrome video card, VIA KN400/KM 400 Chipset and running Windows Vista Build 5472 My video card dont have support on "Aero". And i need a grapics card which supports Aero. I...
  3. karthik55859

    **PREY DEMO doesnt play on nvidia 6600

    Guys MY system specs intel 915 MB P4 3.0 HT 512 MB DDR400 XFX 6600 grapics card i took graphic card just 3 months ago i was playing all games at 800X600 with medium settings without any problem And then i downloaded demo of PREY frm Can i Believe,, it says the system...
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