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Adsl modem


Broken In
Hi guys!
I wanted to have a broadband connection from bsnl. For that i need a modem. I don't want the bsnl's rent basis modem.
So if you have a good adsl router and modem, please get in touch!


I Love CNC
My suggestion - go with bsnl router 1. it is as good as others 2. Free replacement if faulty.3. rates are cheaper.
Caution - don't use usb, lan card router are speedier than usb type.
I am using bsnl router since 5 yrs without single problem.


I Am Jack's Assembly Line
I think bsnl gives rent based as well as ownership (lumpsum payment, no monthly rent) also, right? Isn't that better in the long run?


Cyborg Agent
You have some options:
1. You can go for longlife's offer.
2. BSNL also offers outright purchase of their modems - with warranty as stated by cool_guy.
3. You can buy a used modem from eBay.


I have a Beetel 220BXL ADSL2+ modem, it was being used until 2 weeks back with airtel broadband. PM me if interested.
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