Adobe or SAP Labs?? I have my interview on the same day



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SAP Labs takes sometimes before giving out the offer wait :)'s very hard I know...:(

They rarely reject anyone in HR unless u negotiate on salary or say you wanna do MBA....otherwise HR is a congrats to all of you :)


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Hey eggman,

I got through. They sent me the offer letter via mail which I confirmed today.

Now, I ve received 2 mails from One is my login details and the other asks me to fill up a questionnaire.
Any idea what this is?



Right off the assembly line
I received my offer letter on the 23rd of Aug. Thats full 23 days after my ftf interviews and 20 days after the telefonic round.
So, SAP Labs does take an aweful lot of time to release the offer. But yeah, telefonic round means you are definitely in. So just be patient. I know its not easy but no other go. Calling up sandeep or manimoy won't help much. They don't take the calls or give the mundane replies.
However, if you are an experienced candidate and expecting a huge increment you will be disappointed. They offer mediocre packages.

All the best.
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