End of chevron wp7 labs.

    Today on my visit to xda i came across this Enjoying Chevron? Say Goodbye to Your Developer Unlock The ChevronWP7 Labs experiment comes to an end Please read it From the looks of it i think microsoft is going too far too nonsense. Even apple which has a more/better closed ecosystem for it...
  2. eggman

    Adobe or SAP Labs?? I have my interview on the same day

    Adobe visited our campus on and turns out i cleared the written test and now i have the chance to sit in the interviews. Meanwhile I also went to SAP labs and cleared the written,technical and first HR round. Now tomm both company s are taking interview. Now here the situation...
  3. ravi_9793

    Now insert images in Gmail

    Now you can insert images in Gmail. Normally when we send images in Gmail, it is sent as attachment, but these attached pictures are not shown in email body. Gmail labs have introduced a new feature "inserting images" in Gmail. You can insert images either from comuter or from any URL and...
  4. T

    Gmail Labs Adds Advanced IMAP Controls

    Google adds another experimental opt-in feature to its roster of Gmail Labs experiments: Advanced IMAP Controls, a way to selectively decided which of your Gmail labels are available to your IMAP client plus other tweaks. With the new feature enabled, go to the Labels tab under your Gmail...
  5. speedyguy

    ipod or creative labs zen

    my options r ipod nano 2gb witout video and creative labs zen 4gb mp3/video player... i want 2 go wit creative but b4 that cn ne1 tel me d will it sound rly badd in front of ipod....coz fr almost same price m getting better features but only thing it wont be apple....n its cmin...
  6. A

    Gmail Labs

    Gmail has a new feature-Gmail Labs For more information: Check your gmail accounts now..
  7. CadCrazy

    KDE Linux reaches 52 million Brazilian kids

    Brazil's Ministry of Education ("MEC") is installing Linux in labs used by 52 million schoolchildren, reports KDE developer Mauricio Piacentini. Piacentini's blog post describes MEC's "Linux Educacional 2.0" as "a very clean Debian-based distribution, with KDE 3.5, KDE-Edu, KDE-Games, and some...
  8. W

    Creative Sparks Customer Revolt When It Tries To Silence Third-Party Programmer

    Creative Labs Slams Door on User-Modded Vista Drivers
  9. A

    Digit - Goat Skinned Wolves

    Listen ....the February Edition Cd Of Digit Contains A Win32agent32.exe( May Be A Little Different) In The Orbit Downloader File.........what Are They Doing In Their Labs..... May Be ,it Is Time For The Management To Hire Competent Ones..
  10. iMav

    2 US Nuke Labs Hacked

    Two labs of America's top scientists have fallen for the oldest trick in the hackers' book :oops: Source
  11. N

    The X-fi XtremeMusic sound card

    Hello all... I wanted to know, before i purchase it, whether the X-fi XtremeMusic is being discontinued from production by creative labs... I'll thank you tons if you really know about this creative's motive. Thanking y'all, Nitin_df
  12. Ankur Mittal

    Google Labs for India released

    To mark the 60th Independence Anniversary of India today Google released a new website named Google Labs India exclusively for the people of India. Google has set up a version for India of Google Labs, which it styles as a “technology playground” for products that are in development and require...
  13. CadCrazy

    How antivirus companies get new virus samples

    how antivirus companies get a new virus in their labs as soon as it is out ???????


    Made-in-India chip powers gaming thrills to a new high Souce :: TIMES OF INDIA {TOI }
  15. hcp006sl

    How to remove ZAP or IMSecure Pro, if get corrupted

    How to remove ZAP or IMSecure Pro, if get corrupted - A tutorial Recently my IMSecure and ZoneAlarm got corrupted due to accidental deletion of some important files of these software. Then I have to take the premium support facility available from Zone Labs. I wrote a mail to Zone Labs. In...
  16. U

    Driver Issues

    I have an MSI FX 5200. Whenever I run dxdiag and in the display tab it sows this: The file nv4_disp.dll is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware...
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