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Add Remove problem

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Wise Old Owl
Try uinstalling it in safe mode. If that also works try this. Install Mandriva Linux 9.1 or
higher. You can access all Windows partitions , including NT partitions. To access C
drive type '/mnt/win_c' in Konqueror(KDE). Go to the folder where American Army is
installed and delete it!! That's all it will get deleted 100%. ZoneAlarm Pro used to
give me the same problems, and I deleted it this way!!


deleting the folder DOES NOT remove the game completely.. there are registry files etc. which are still left..

what error does it give when u try to uninstall it?? maybe that will help/


Cyborg Agent
Did u install the games or was it compressed and u just extracted it? Are u getting any error messages??


Commander in Chief
If it has an entry in Add/Remove, simply delete the game folder and then click uninstall, it will erase the entry after an error and clear up a bit of its entries too... :)


Distinguished Member
enter safe mode
install the game again in the same folder.
then try to uninstall it.
u may have to reboot...

if it dznt work, again go to safe mode and delete all the programs folder.
then use a good junk/registry cleaner to clear pc junk.
try this one www.ccleaner.com
u can also use it to remove invalid entries from ur 'addremprogs'.


-The BlacKCoaT Operative-
try one simple thing.. go to the installation folder and look for uninstaller files like uninstall.exe or setup.exe or something similer..

this usually works for such problems
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