active program not in Task bar !!!

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i have compaq laptop with 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, win XP pro others... recently i have encountered that whenever i minimise my active application, it just vanishes away. normally this must be visible in the task bar or what u say... i cant get the name.. the lower one where program gets minimised. to regain this, i have to use ALT + Tab which is really annoying when it comes to multiple programs.

pls tell me whats going on????

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the 1-2 inch area near the clock on taskbar is known as system tray as raven also said... the whole 1 cm wide bar is the taskbar where applications/programs minimize!!!

now let us know ur programs disappering from taskbar on minimizing them or they minimizing on the systray??

to this press clt alt del and bring up task manager and click on the program icon which is disappeared and click on "bring to front"

also check if you're using any application like minimizer-xp which minimizes all application to sys tray or hide their icons.... or anysuch "anti-boss" program!! ;-)
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