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Abusive Teacher

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Dear OP, you're 21. Man up. I've heard profs use far more colourful language than the one you just described.
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I have faced worst kind of teachers. Some used to talk sh!t in front of whole class. Imagine how embarrass students might feel.
But that doesn't mean you need to take revenge or something.
Remember, you have a aim. To study and then get a good job or do your own business and employ people under you. But that teacher probably will just keep sh!ting in front of other students for his whole life.

Just be mature. And concentrate on your studies rather then someone whom you will leave anyway in a few months.


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If that 'abusive' teacher has any daughters or any female teachers that he sucker's up to,then start talking to them.

Trust me its the best revenge.


People need to understand that not everybody is tough as they are. If you cant help the dude then at least don't make fun of him.
To the OP: Try n talk with your Teacher first. Explain him what you feel. If that doesn't work out then make a complain against him at the college. It's better if you don't bring your parents in between you know. Try n solve it on your own :)
If still that doesn't help then.. you might want to look for 'other' alternatives here.
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