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Last night I caught the movie on Sony pix and got majorly hooked. I just felt the whole concept, and the portrayal of horror was too awesome. Anybody else seen this movie? It's about a descent of a group of girls into a cave full of cannibalistic humanoid creatures.

Not sure why the movie didn't make a buzz (or maybe I missed the buzz). Unlike most other gore and horror flicks, this one has tremendous depth (of character, of plot, and everything else), and very fine grained, outstanding treatment of horror.

I just can't get over the ending. (The film has two alternative endings, I caught the uncut edition playing last night, not the North American one). It was brilliant watching Sarah hallucinate. I don't know, the scene seemed so appealing and has been floating before me all the while.

Too many near-death experiences numbs out a person like that, I guess. But watching her imagine her daughter and the glowing birthday cake, as death approached was so painful. There's such an intensely hurting irony in the scene, thanks to the brilliant direction and of course, the performance of the actress (es). It's this last scene that hurts, it really does. Not the gore, not the blood baths throughout the movie, but this last scene of solitude and hope-gone-crushed. I think folks will feel this once they've been through the surprise that precedes this scene, it's like an emotional hammering.

In case you haven't seen this movie, you should consider watching it sometime.


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We have a "must watch movies" thread for such...

And, may be I've become too used to watching such movies that it didn't invoke any emotion in me.

Good horror but clichéd theme.


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Good horror but clichéd theme.
Exactly. If you haven't seen such movies before, then this is movie is probably awesome.
Otherwise the movie just felt a repeat of like a 100 other movies.
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