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.AA and .AB files???

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Guys I recently downloaded 2 split files which had the extension .AA and .AB......How do I combine them to get the file????


Cyborg Agent
I don't know what you try to download....but if it something warez stuff uploader upload those file in many odd format...because to avoid the restriction of the uploading site/service.
In that case if you rename(rename must be done from command prompt) that you can get the original file.

expl:-myfile.aa --> myfile.mp3 (say the file is a mp3 song)


Coming back to life ..
Hmm.. You can append them using good old Copy command.

Try this:
Start > Run > Cmd {Press Enter}
Navigate to the folder where files exist and enter this command :
copy *.aa+*.bb *.zip

If you think that resultant file is a zip file. If you think its an mp3 file then just put *.mp3 instead of zip.


The Researcher
Use the combine software for the this type of splits. Generally uploaders specify and give link to the special kind of splitting software that they use. Otherwise try to open any of the file using any of the compression utilities like winzip, winrar, powerarchiver etc. If it can be opened by these, then any of the file would open and then you can extract them.


Cyborg Agent
Now i got the point....you download a split archive..
Use File SJ......
It is a file splitter + Joiner Program.
Download it and follow the instruction.... and it is a free ware.
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