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Master KOD3R
Apparently one of my satellites has malfunctioned. So I'm planning to buy a new speaker system
So, I'd like to know which speaker system should I buy. My mobo [880GMA E45] supports 8 Channel Audio, however I don't have that much room for 7.1 or even 5.1 & keeping all speakers in front of me clearly beats their desired purpose.

I'll keep the budget under 3k & preference to Creative or Altec Lansing, however if you know of any other *good* brand , I'm all ears.

Nisheeth Barthwal


Cyborg Agent
Creative SBS A500 @ 2.8k
Creative Inspire T3200 @ 3.3k
Creative Inspire T10 @ 3.3k
check out dese 3 models buddy...

oderwise if u can go 4 sum oder brands
Altec Lansing VS-2521E @ 2.9k
Logitech X240 @ 2.4k
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Master KOD3R
Thanks pal, how are T3130?

Isn't A500 5.1?
T10 misses a sub-woofer.
T3200 crosses my mark of 3K (specifically 2.5k)
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Also, check out altec lansing 4221, Octane 7. You might need to stretch your budget slightly(200-300 bucks). But these are worth the money, AFAIK.
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