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80 revellers molest 2 girls on New Year's Day

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Mob molests 2 girls in Mumbai

Two years in a row, New Year revelry in Mumbai has gone awry. This year, in a city which boasts of being safe for women, a mob of 70 to 80 men groped and molested two women for about 15 minutes on a busy main street in Juhu early on New Year's Day.The Hindustan Times team, who recorded the sequence of events, reports that the women came out of the JW Marriott Hotel with two male friends around 0145 hours IST, and walked towards Juhu beach. Soon a mob of about 40 men began teasing the women, which led to one of the women swearing at the hooligans. But the mob, by then 70-80 strong, pounced on them.
A Hindustan Times cameraperson spotted a police van and called for help, following which the police rushed in and chased away the mob. However, no case has been registered so far.
Reacting to the incident, ACP of the Western region in Mumbai Archna Tyagi told CNN-IBN, “We are trying to find out the facts of the story published in Hindustan Times and also talking to traffic officer and reporters to help in the investigations, but this is shocking and strict action will be taken against the culprits.”
A similar incident had shamed Mumbai exactly a year ago when a girl was molested by revellers at the Gateway of India on New Year’s eve. That incident, too, was captured on film by a popular Mumbai tabloid
Drunk revellers had stripped and molested a woman in public view, as her friend watched helplessly.
This year’s incident comes a day after the National Crime Records Bureau released its latest report, which stated that Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore account for one out of every three crimes in cities with a million-plus population.
The latest incident also poses new questions on the safety of women in Mumbai and even though proof of the incident is plain and available the police say that lack of information is their biggest challenge in making any arrest.
Meanwhile, according to latest figures, in the intervening night of December 31 and January 1 Mumbai traffic police detained a record 338 people on charges of drunken driving.
The police also booked 45 motorists for rash driving and 46 more for speeding. Thirty-four of the drunken driving accused were presented in court on Tuesday and sentences ranged from one to three days of imprisonment.
During a six-month long drive Mumbai police has already booked 12,000 motorists, 2,500 of whom have already been sentenced to imprisonment and fines amounting to Rs 2 crore have been collected.
But on Tuesday, the police surpassed its own previous record of detaining maximum people within a single night.
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The Dark lord
those Pea brains doesnt know how to respect womens
Poor girls becomes the victims of those fools


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The whole notion of Safety for Woman is a complete myth let alone safe for them in Mumbai. I don't understand which dum nuckle heads come up with statements like Mumbai is the safest city for woman!

Get it right! Woman aint safe anywhere in India and many parts of the world let alone mumbai!


The cake is a lie!!!
Totally Sick. :mad: :mad:
Ashamed to admit that such people are part of our society. And why point out Mumbai alone, we can see the same thing happening around us everyday.

Infact in groups such people get more daring as there r less chances of getting caught.


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we need big sex education revolt or campagn something like that to teach those garbage heads whts sex and wht women are.. idiots...


Back to l33ching :)
why dont the women file compaints in such cases? until n unless something drastic measures are taken, which will act as a deterrant...we will get to hear of such deplorable acts.


world is evil
They were molested by about 60-80 perverts.

They were walking towards Juhu beach at about 1:45 AM with their two male friends after coming from hotel JW Marriott when a mob of about 40 people started following them.The mob started teasing them & made lewd comments on the them.One of the victim showed some worthy courage and shouted back on the nutheads. But the mob grew to about 80 now and was out of its senses.The mob tried to push the women in a building and even said,”try to escape from your molestation and humiliation”.Both the girls now thinking that it could be more trouble inside,ran towards footpath.

There the crowd surrounded them near a vehicle and a tree. A person(they do not qualify to be called men/man) tore the black dress of one of the girls. Their male friends were trying to safeguard their female friends,but were helpless in front of 80 animals.The girls fell down and the crowd jumped on them.

At this moment,a newspaper cameraman sighted a police van and shouted for help. In came a Senior Inspector,and he dispersed the mob(i hope they went back to their deserved homes,either zoo or asylums because they are not a part of civilised society).

Whole incident was captured by two newspaper cameramen. I saw the photographs and i decided against putting them on my site.

I wish there was a mob of 160 people there who would have beaten the crap out of those wolves.

In Delhi,Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav’s two sons indulged in similar acts too,but they were,thank goodness,not so lucky.The guys out there taught them a good lesson in South Delhi.The crowd there dint knew they were railways minister’s sons as the PSO(personal security officer) dint revealed their odentities sensing the seriousness of the incident.The two indulged in eve teasing first at ASHOKA hotel and then at Connaught Place. They passed comments on some girls in Mehrauli when they were returning when a group of youth thrashed them up.

A similar incident happened on new year’s eve last year when a women was molested by similar hooligans on Gateway of India.

What is with us guys?Cant we respect our women. Cant we give them freedom? They will say they were drunk but will they do the same thing at their homes if they were drunk? There can be no damn excuse for hideous crimes like this.

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world is evil
thats very sad and disappointing.
we do not care for anything,until ofcourse,something happens to/with us or our dear ones

what else can you expect from Indian police.
can you digest a mob of 80 jerks going crazy in a metropolitan like mumbai on new year's eve when security is beefed up at JUHU beach?how could have police not notice it?


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
IMO, those 2 girls\their group r stupid ........ on ny security @ hotels & party r good .... & on beaches its less .... common sense ...... didnt they know abt last year @ Gateway .......


In a sense, ax is correct.. I'm not justifying the shameful act of the mob, but in my opinion, it is still unsafe for women anywhere in India to be out in the streets in the night.. even if they have a boyfriend with them..!!! Talks about gender equality, and females not being the weaker sex are all sweet and nice to hear, but practically the truth is just the opposite..! Until the mentality in men's mind about females and sex changes, it is better to be careful and avoid such circumstances, rather than brood about it later. Period. :(


Beware of the innocent
wonderful, just the kind of thinking we need to solve the problem. So it is always their mistake right? The incident is a serious case of breakdown of law and order. Making it seem anything different is dangerous and only feeds the vicious cycle we are in.


wonderful, just the kind of thinking we need to solve the problem. So it is always their mistake right? The incident is a serious case of breakdown of law and order. Making it seem anything different is dangerous and only feeds the vicious cycle we are in.
I never said it is their mistake... But it could have been avoided..!! I agree that it is a breakdown of law and order. But what difference does it make to the girls..?? Will the knowledge that they are not wrong in going to a party help them in any way..? They are affected and they'll be affected for a long time..!! Will you take your gf to a similar late night party next time (pls. don't take it personally..) with the knowledge that loads of inebriated wolves will be partying and creating nuisance on the street..?
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