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6670 or alternative for old cpu


Broken In
Read as 6670 in the title

I have a phenom ii x2 555 processor on amd 785 am3 board (ddr2 only)..no overclocking

I want to upgrade from integrated graphics....my psu is a cooler master real power 460w

Considering my old cpu, which gfx card will be ideal, a 6670 ddr5 or something else

Has the 6770 been discontinued?

Budget should be 6k+/-1

Only need an AMD card

Should i buy Sapphire or any other company?
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Little Kid
I dont think so, processor good enough to pull it i think. processor is old but not that old :p


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7750 will be good. Go for it.

BTW, what's your screen resolution?


Pro/An---tagonist xD
You might have to lower your resolution and some settings in games,but go for the HD 7750.


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@ OP - for playing at HD resolution you better try to extend the budget a little more than 8k and get a HD7770.
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