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57K Budget for a New PC


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CPU + MB -17000
Intel I5 4440 13K, Gigabyte h81 s1 Mobo 4K

RAM -2500
Corsair VS 4GB

HDD -4000
Seagate 1TB

ODD -1000

Graphics -10000
Zotac GTX 750 10k/GTX 750 Ti 12.7k

Cabinet -2500
CM Elite 344

PSU -4000
Antec VP 450p 2.8K

Monitor -10000
Del 22" IPS 9K forgot the damn name

KeyBoard + Mouse -1000
UPS -2500
2.1 Speaker -2500

get Intel 4440 over any amd processor

he already bought everything except the gpu.


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Ohhh.. Problems, problems and problems again..
Got every item delivered by Feb 26th and started building the rig on 28th.


The 1st issue was the motherboard.
The motherboard snapdeal sent me was a used one. Seal was broken, Plastic protective cover for the CPU socket was missing, and there were finger prints all over the board.




Called snapdeal Customer-Care and opened a complaint.
Started testing the other components using the same motherboard.
But, this time the HDD was having issues. It was not allowing me to install the OS on it.
More over HDD was not having the sticker saying it’s “WD blue” one.


Connected the same HDD to a working system of my friend’s and it gave the CRC error while initializing.



Another call to Snapdeal CC and another complaint opened.
One more thing I noticed (by checking in BIOS) was the CPU temperature which was higher than 50C at idle condition. I had connected my friend’s HDD with OS and confirmed the same using Speccy.

Placed everything back in to the boxes and started waiting for the reverse pick-up guy to knock on my door.
Snapdeal took their own sweet time, and many emails before replacing the motherboard, and refunding the money I spent for HDD.
Later I ordered another HDD from them.

Got the 2nd motherboard and HDD delivered on 14th. I was on vacation and came back to Banglore only today morning. Had to go to office, and got chance to work on the PC only in the evening.
Motherboard is new, the seal was not broken. HDD was having the blue label.
Everything is in place. Installed windows 8.1.


Checked CPU temp in BIOS - - - > 51C
Installed Speccy - - - > Same around 50C at idle.


Installed and ran Prime to put CPU under full load. CPU hit 99C.




What do you think guys ?
I’m sure these temperatures are not normal for Bangalore.
My friend’s machine with the same processor gives only 35c in average.


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really sad to hear those miseries.
for your overheating problem, did you apply any thermal paste before installing the cpu?
is the cpu cooler runs normally( is it too slow)?
tried changing fan settings in bios?
i advice you to change the thermal paste to artic silver 5 or deepcool z5 and check again.
also running prime 95 with the stock cooler is not really a good idea. how much time did it take to reach 99 degrees? even my i7 reached 85 degrees within 2 minutes after running prime 95.

also if possible, post all these pics and your problems faced onto snapdeal's facebook page and twitter and inform every people to be cautious while buying products from them. this must be the last of this kind from them. it is my humble request that you should report this wherever possible.
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