3G TABLET - Ipad 4/5 v Xperia Tablet Z v Microsoft Surface Rt

which is the best tablet out of these for multimedia?

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Hey guys
. I want to buy a new tablet by June.
I want a 3g tablet and I think 32gb storage should be fine.
The tablet should have a 10" screen with a good amoled / slcd or retina.panel ( 1080p)
Also it should be good for gaming and have a fast processor I mainly plan to play games like FIFA real racing
Mass effect , modern combat etc.
I hv heard for gaming iPad is best . Also if I' do buy an ipad should I buy 4 or wait for 5.
ther should also be a front camera for Skype and a decent rear camera.

The xperia tablet looks really neat and stylish and also its really thin and light . Also how much will it cost and when
Will Sony launch it . ;the waterproofing also is cool.
The only thing not good is that the android market doesn't hv many tablet games but I do think It will have more games in some time. I hv seen news that xperia tablet will cost around 28k . If that's true then it's a steal.

Ther is also nexus 10 but it doesn't have 3g and it should be really good at everything else for me to buy it.(you guys can convince me.)

The surface also.is stylish but i don't know if it has many games and also its screen is low res. nd the price is quite expensive .

Please suggest the best tablet and yeah. My budget is max 40k..


For gaming I think Ipad 4 would be the best bet :)

I voted for Surface RT because it's the only "useful" tablet of the lot. LOL


Allllright !
iPad 4 is the best IMO..
I doubt the thinner lighter new iPad will be out by June..
Because the current iPad was released last October..

If you're having second thoughts on iOS and prefer Android wait for Xperia Z tablet (releasing next month)..
For gaming. .... I think a laptop would be better. According to me, tablet is good for only doing web browsing & other light stuffs.

If you want to do gaming then laptop would be better.

Anyway I voted for Nexus 10. I know it doesn't have 3G but you can buy a cheap android phone & use WiFi hotspot.


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Ipad is best for gaming, has greater battery life.
Nexus 10 is best for movies and other high resolution apps.
Xperia z is good and may have playstation certificate(if you are a PS fan).

My suggestion go for Ipad 4. The only advantage nexus 10 might have would be its screen which is good for movies and high resolution apps but not for gaming.But ipad too will do the judgement as there are no movies or app in 4k and will nnot be in the near future.
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