3D LED TV buying advice

Should I buy TV from Patna or Delhi? We want to present 3D LED TV to my niece who will live in Delhi after her marriage. Is the price, taxes are other levies same here in Patna city and Delhi?

Jitendra Singh

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I think with VAT and all there should not be that much price difference. At least I did not find it much, when I bought my LG 3D Led TV in Bhubaneswar some time back. Although their after sales service is good, still I would advise you buy from the place your niece would be living. Also it would be much easier to transport it.


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I think, better gift her a good LED TV instead of going the 3D way. There's hardly any 3D content out there and looks like this will carry on for a while. You can't always watch 3D movies with 3D goggles on, and watching 2D content on a 3D TV doesn't justify the premium. India just started moving towards HD and still we have about 30 odd HD channels that too at exorbitant prices, leave away 3D for a couple of years in the scene.
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