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2,000 join Infosys on a single day

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2,000 join Infosys on a single day

Surely, it can’t get bigger than this! Infosys Technologies saw 2,000 new recruits reporting for duty for the first time on a single day — June 26. That’s bigger than what most companies in India have employed in their entire life time.

And that’s a record for Infy too, breaking the earlier high of 906 people who joined in July 2005.

Most of these new recruits will be trained at the company’s global training centre in Mysore, while a few hundreds will be trained in Hyderabad. The Mysore centre that has a seating capacity of 4,500 has already trained over 10,000 people in the last one year.

And guess what, even the starting salaries in Infy have gone up sharply. With talent becoming scarce, Infy has increased the base salaries for freshers to Rs 2.7 lakh per annum this year, from Rs 2 to Rs 2.1 lakh last year. That’s an over 30% increase.

‘‘The hikes are mainly to attract talent and also to fall in line with the industry average,’’ said Bikramjit Maitra, V-P and head (HR), Infosys.

Infosys had said at the beginning of the year that it was expecting to hire 25,000 people this year, scaling up from its existing strength of 53,000. In fact, all lead players, be it IBM, Accenture, TCS or Wipro, are on a major hiring spree.

June to December is IT hiring season in India. “Companies that have comprehensive training facilities, like Infosys and TCS, will hire thousands of freshers from campuses, while others including IBM and Accenture will focus on lateral hiring,” said HR consultant B S Murthy.

In the next few months, around 20,000 freshers are expected to be hired and trained for ERP, CRM, telecom, datacom, testing and product engineering by tier I players in the country


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Welcome to the forum,Wipro is also reported to have increased the entry salary to Rs 2.65 Lakhs.


Hi Devraj! Welcome to Digit world.

I regularly read your articles. Where do u get all this information.


Welcome, It looks like you have not read the rules of the forum well enough.

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BTW, this is from the TIMES OF INDIA dated 29th June,2006

Thanks anyway.


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It's raining in Infosys & Wipro. Keep an watch guys China is coming in a big way in
another 5 years!! I'm sure the Indian IT field would be badly hit by it.


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
bt these companies hires ONLY ENG. students :-(

as a result many graduates dont even get a chance 2 prove themselves

hope many would agree with me


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I agree with you AX3
One more thing. They keep hunting on hunting only in reputed insitutes and colleges where many talented and bright students in other colleges loses the oppportuinity.


Hey this time infy was (is) on a big hiring spree .. they were conducting off-campus placements test all over the country and lot many ppl from (so called) lower colleges also got through. Yes a lot of them are engineer but there are a few non-engineering science graduates too..

Haven't met any non-science graduate though.

And yes china is coming in big way so infy is heading towards the red-dragon..

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