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1TB or 2*500GB ???

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Hi, i've heard a lot in this forum...crashing of 1 TeraByte Harddisks(internal)...
so,should we go with two --500GB HDD instead of 1TB....
I think the Seagate is reporting such a problem...
So,those who got this issue pls post here & give their suggestions....:-o


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I got a brand new WD HDD which refused to boot on my PC. So its not Seagate only street.

I guess you better keep redundant backups.


it's crashing or not but 2*500gb will be little faster then 1 tb

Leave seagate & go for "western digital"


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@Karan, it depends upon ur requirement.
If u want 1TB of space then having two 500GBs and putting them in RAID0 is just as insecure as having one 1TB drive.

If ur requirement is 500GB only and the data are too important for you, go for 500GB*2 in RAID1 config.

I'm owner of Seagate and WD HDDS, both of them ditched me. So, its not a particular company, its ur luck.

Keep backup of ur backup:razz:



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Which version of WD HDD is most reliable ?
Blue or Green or Black ?
BTW,Which is better 500GB or 640GB ?
Is single platter HDD is more reliable for long running ?
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