1. Faun

    Any songs similar to these ?

    Looking to buy some songs from flipkart wallet balance. Rs. 100 remaining. These are the so far downloaded ones: Ab Mujhe Raat Din - Sonu Nigam Deewane Hoke Hum - Sonu Nigam Kuchh Tum Socho - Sonu Nigam Tujhe Choone Ko Dil Kare - Sonu Nigam Koi Fariyaad - Tum Bin Jaage Jaage -...
  2. kool

    Full-Review of cellphone ...? Where..?

    Hi guys, where i can get full review of any cellphone like www.mobile-review.com gives with screenshots of all features of mobile phone. i want full review of these mobiles: Micromax Q5, And when NOKIA C3 will launch yaar..??? GSMARENA says its coming in Q2 of year. Can i know what is d...
  3. Sukhdeep Singh

    Wite a Caption

    I was just going through market here in my city and i passed from Punjab National Bank ATM when i saw this "FUNNY INTERNET, Write a caption" kinda image in front of my eyes. And it stayed like this for around 10 mins....first my friend said "chal yaar....hang ho gaya hain...kisi ne pendrive...
  4. panacea_amc

    << Dektop Monitor Issues >>

    hello people, i have a laptop. can i connect the laptop to my desktop pc and use the laptop screen as a monitor for my desktop pc? what hardwares will i need for this purpose? thanks in advance! are yaar, kisika ke paas itna bhi dimaag bhi nahi hai kya?
  5. vinyasmusic

    private torrent trackers ... !!??

    hi... guys can anyone list some good private trackers (torrent) ... public ones don give good speeds ... so plz some1 help yaar... i know a few only:sad:... and i can maintain ratio's ...
  6. ashishnehete

    Virus issue

    Guys there is a file Adobereader9.0 in my pen drrve and hdd which i am not able to delete it is a virus i think but it is not detected by avast wat do yaar maira proj ka kafi data hai tat i dont want to delete
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    Virus scripting

    Hey............can any here refer me a book or site frm whr I can learn virus programming...........i mean I want to write virus.............(fr my personal pleasure only)..............Plz yaar bliv me.............I won't send dem to any1.........
  8. casanova

    What if Re. 1 = $45

    Enjoy with Future India after 50 Years . What happens if 1 rupee = 45 dollars !............ ......... ..... Scene 1 Venue : Microsoft Corporation, New York , US Some s/w engineers are seeing some photographs. s/w engg 1 : What's that? s/w engg 2 : Bob's photographs from India ...
  9. max_demon

    तीन माउस चोर की कहानी !

    see in my blog , yaar pura original hai desi style
  10. ashishnehete

    Partition problem

    i have Dell Inspirion 6400 with 120 GB hard disk it give me 111.78GB of space the C drive contains Windows Vista of 40 GB i thought that would install XP on D Drive of 22 GB i made a new partition of 40 GB for multimedia but there is 10 GB which appears to be unallocated but i can not make a...
  11. S

    restoring a drive

    Hello frenz actually my pc's D drive got corrupt and was in accessible so my brother formatted it (quick) and this drive had all my song collection and it took yrs to make it ( 400 songs yaar) so wanted to ask is there ny way i can get them back by restoring as i have heard of unformatting or...
  12. maharajadhiraj

    playstation 3 in india????

    U know when PS3 will be launched in India?? and do u know how much it will cost (estimate yaar)?
  13. D

    hw to remove the copy protections ina CD?

    hello, hw can we remove the copy protections in a CD? if it cannot be done,hw can we copy CD to CD it it is copy protected????? help me yaar
  14. B

    Fresh Install 98

    Folks, I jhave just installed win 98 and when i try to install Norton 2004 its dosent work what to yaar.
  15. koolbluez

    WinRAR users... small doubt...

    how do u make the icons or pics come in the unpackin window too.. instead of WinRAR's logo Need 2 know it urgently yaar... thnx
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