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hi bharathla,

Thanks for the prompt reply... nope i used it for win xp, but when i try to install it on win 98 , it says it doesent support because it has no service pack2 and internet explorer6

what to do


why need title?
yes u need to have IE 6.0 for working of NAV 040.. since XP comes with IE 6.0 Integrated u dont have a problem.. get IE 6.0



why need title?
excuse me.. IE doesn suck big time man plz.. i use it regularly and its not bad.. if u no how to protect ya sys.. i dont say other browsers aint gud.. but ie isnt that bad.. and regarding 98.. i dont think it sux! :roll: if that sux so much how does it happen to be the most commonly used OS in most of the places..

P.S plz try to post only the replies to the query.. :)


Bharatbala is completly true in this case antarius.... Norton 2004 needs IE 6 to run in nay interface. look in the read me file of the norton 2004 you will find it.


why need title?
lol thnx for da support anurag! :wink: i dunno y ppl hate IE.. i dont mean to say its da best out there but then its not the worst! anyways @butterfly wat happ did u download IE6.0.. i suppose thats the only culprit..


Antarius said:
Good joke
Dont advocate IE

It sucks as does 98
If u dont want XP get win 2000 Pro

IE is not even that bad! Don't believe the hype spread by firefox...

An IE in Windows XP SP2 using Proximitron and Zonealarm can be more safe than FF with it's extensions...

Beileve me.
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