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RiGhT HeRe RiGhT nOw
i have Dell Inspirion 6400
with 120 GB hard disk it give me 111.78GB of space
the C drive contains Windows Vista of 40 GB
i thought that would install XP on D Drive of 22 GB
i made a new partition of 40 GB for multimedia
but there is 10 GB which appears to be unallocated but i can not make a partition of it,gives a error saying that thers not enough space to the operation.
Please help me yaar it is very important i can not lose 10 GB for nothing

Choto Cheeta

Before I comment I would request u to post a screen shot of Disk Management, which one can reach by, Right Click on My computer then Click Manage in that new window, now Navigate your self to Disk Management !!!


Also take a look at this *

and certainlly, the software Ravi said, is one of the best out there :)
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Is actually a real word..
yeah definately make sure you do what Choto Cheeta says(By the way nice setup!). that should explain the partitions better ( you may have hidden Dell Partitions) but if you don't care, then yeah go ahead and use the software ravi suggested.
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