1. A

    Suggest a Graphics Card 6K-8K

    Hello Guys, Iam planning to play few games like GTA V, Farcry 4, Crysis (Latest One). I want to know which is the best graphics card currently in my budget 6000-8000. I just wanted to change graphics card and not my entire PC and Iam not a hardcore gamer just want to play the listed games...
  2. RCuber

    Unlocking Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

    Hi guys, one of my friend has a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music , its locked to T-Mobile UK, I wanted to know the process/cost of unlocking this mobile. Thanks Charan
  3. B

    Bluetooth Pairing Code - 5130 xpress music.

    Hi all, I am trying to connect my mobile with my laptop via bluetooth. In that process, the wizard is asking for a pairing code. Kindly provide me the bluetooth pairing code for my Nokia 5130 xpress music. Thanks.
  4. A

    suggest me a phone

    hey frnds, pls suggest me a phone having following features good music quality 3.0 megapixel camera good battery life. i will prefer NOKIA. price less than Rs. 8000 i m thinking of NOKIA 6303 and NOKIA XPress music 5310. Also please tell me the price rates of NOKIA XPress music 5800.
  5. S

    PC Config feedback

    I'm looking for good performance system to play multimedia, access internet and good amount of storage with some level of future proofing. This is not going to be a gaming rig but only as a good HTPC. Any feedback / suggestions to improve or make it more economical the below config will be...
  6. power_8383

    Nokia 5130 Xpress Music

    :: Pros :: 1) Great Music with Good bundled earphones. 2) Looks very attractive. (Red Color is the most sought after in the market.) 3) Amazing/awesome battery backup. (I heard, played, captured songs, games,photos the whole day but still my mobile battery level was full. :: Cons :: 1)...
  7. A

    Street Price of Nokia 5320 Xpress Music

    Hello Friends, I want to buy nokia 5320 Xpress Music. Can anyone pls. tell me the street price for the same. I stay at A.Nagar and want to buy it from Mumbai. So also mention where can i get it for that street price. Thanx in advance.:)
  8. P

    SE 580i or Nokia Xpress 5320

    hi guyz, my dad's in a real big dilemma on whether to choose between Nokia Xpress 5320 or SE w580i. Which phone is better overall? and are there any other phone that beats both the phones and lie in the same price range?
  9. prasath_digit

    A Book for learning Oracle10g?

    Guys, i've downloaded the Oracle10g Xpress Edition from Oracle website, I know only the basic database theory, I want a good book for learning Oracle10g Xpress edition. Advance Thanx for ur help :) No one to help me? :(
  10. official

    wa prexnt new graphics card,,suggest me

    want new pciex graphics card,,suggest me at earliest!!! frens i have the following rig: amdx2 4200 processor, 2 gb ram, zebronics mcp61 motherboard ....with 16x pci xpress 450 watts powersupply my budget is 13000 please suggest me at the earliest/// please mention the prices also
  11. B

    Winamp for NOKIA 5610

    Where i can get winamp or any other music player for my Nokia 5610 xpress music??
  12. F

    5300 xpress

    hi friends i have 5300 xpress music . i cant find option to display time while talking ( i mean how many minutes i have talked ) it only show call summary after call is ended. can any one tell me where is option to display time while talking or any soft for it .
  13. jack_the_ripper

    Nokia Xpress, Do the music!

    hi guys, u must have seen the new Nokia Xpress music ad..! i liked the music(The background score).. I tried searching for it but couldnt find it anywhere! Is it from an album? or just a recorded music? And where can i find it? thanks!
  14. C

    Suggest me a cell under 15 k

    I've decided to buy a phone for myself under 15k. I would mainly use it for Music,Camera and Talking.I won't browse the net with this current phone (Crap and no unlimited plans).I want music from it CLEAR and LOUD.My current Nokia 3230 just sucks and its not loud,I am fed up.I want it to look...
  15. ambar.hitman

    Bioshock on ATI Radeon Xpress 200?

    Has anyone played Bioshock on ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset?I just wanted to know whether it will work or not?I dont mind if it runs on 800x600 at about 15-20fps(without lag) with all settings low. FEAR,Doom 3,Quake 4,Half Life 2 ran at about 25+ fps on my PC at medium/high settings.Quake 4...
  16. J

    Nokia Xpress Music Series Vs. SE Walkman Series

    Is Nokia Xpress Music Series a match 4 SEwalkman Series? (On the basis of inbuild speaker sound) Thanx
  17. T

    diff btw 3250 and 3250 xpress music

    what is it? and is it true that now they give 1 gb card with xpress? also what is max. memory capacity of xpress? Pls someone replY.
  18. T

    I shuld buy 3250 xpress music or n70 me?

    Which has better music? better camera? My main problem with n70 music edition is that it is s60v2 will that affect me badly cause i am a hardcore enthusiast. also tell which comes with better display and EARPHONES. edit: Can i view office documents on 3250 xpress music edition?
  19. premsharma

    ATI chipset Mobos for Intel Platform

    I saw the following on ATI site, I think these are mobo chipsets by ATI for Intel platforms. Can anyone suggest me, which company is manufacturing mobos on these chipsets because in market they aren't available baring xpress 200, on which Intel D101 & 102 mobos are based upon:::: Motherboard...
  20. R

    onboard n 7300gt

    hi ppl i hav MSI rs480 it has onboard ATI® Radeon XPRESS 200 Chipset... in comparison with 7300GT....where is it stands ?
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