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  1. M

    optical media on flights

    i have a huge music and movie collection that i have burnt on DVDs.I have to go to mangalore from delhi via flight.Would i be allowed to take them with me on the plane and also would they be damaged during the x-ray scanning?
  2. S

    Hidden Painting in a Vincent Van Gogh Painting

  3. kanu2k7

    X-RAY knowledge

    Hi Guyz!!!! Actually i am shifting to an international location, so I am taking my Desktop PC with me. And I am gonna disassemble my pc except for the cpu and mobo. I only wanted to know that during the customs checking they check they pass the baggages through X-RAY machines, So does it harms...
  4. gxsaurav

    X-rays get boost from "dark field" technology

    We jump at every technological advancement in the computer industry, but is computer industry the only industry worth watching??? How many of you know that Philips makes the largest number of TV Picture tubes & CT Scans for hospitals...not many I suppose. Something which deserves to be...
  5. club_pranay

    Scan Negatives on Regular Scanner!

    i dont know if this has been posted before.. my scanner: CanoScan 3000ex i was just trying to scan a x-ray film but all i got was a black image. but out of nowhere i got this idea.. i placed a clean mirror (obviously inverted to face the lamp) over the negative. idealy completely covering the...
  6. Tapomay

    Japan’s 5005x X-ray phone sees through underwear..

    Forget iPhone, here is the marvel of japanese technology; a mobile with x-ray vision which can see through your underwear :confused: . I don't know if it's a great prank or it's true but if it's true, then it should be banned for the sake of people's privacy ;-) . Click Here (18+ only) ...
  7. N

    Can X-Ray Be scanned?

    My friend had got some serious problem in his abdomen and he want to send his X-rays to U.S ...Now the question is that how can he send that digitally ...Can X-Ray Be scanned?
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