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  1. montsa007

    net probs in qd

    1 of my frends activated gprs(hutch) in his qd and when he goes to any site like google it flashes a box above i.e. loading and after some time connection timed out customre care says clear cache did it no help restarted the fone no help inserted the sim on another 6630 net is workin...
  2. R

    Modem Problem

    i have a mtnl adsl connection .... my father called a man and installed the connetion and it was working fine ..... but wen due to some problem wen the landline mtnl fone got disconnected internet was not workin .. now after 10 days wen the fone has started workin i cannot browse the internet...
  3. V

    Help Needed For IE for Website in asp.net

    Hello friends, i've made one page for my website in asp.net and i've used AJAX for updating the Downlink information by the timer but what is the problem is in the IE my page is stored defaultly and when the javascript is called the value does not get updated. If i made changes in IE in...
  4. Â

    mplayer2 fails to start..!!!

    man i m terrified by this... n i don't want 2 re-install windows xp, so please help me... it was like workin great 2 days before... dunno what happend 2 it now... i used 2 type "mplayer2" in d Run dialog box... but hey it ain't workin anymore... whats' even worse is i don't even get an error...
  5. Charley

    Using msn thru Trillian ,not workin

    It says connection to msn failed while I connect to msn using Trillian, why? Is there any settting that needs to be tweaked?
  6. vandit

    net on knoppix

    how do I conect to the internet by knoppix? I specified the userid and password and it writes initializing modem....my modem is detected and workin fine though then what is the problem...? :cry:
  7. B

    do u know a site with free utils,games,software??

    i'm lookin for a good site which has full version games,iso's,utils and software, at least a trial versions which can be cracked. if u do know of such sites ,post em here or PM me , i dnt mind if they are illegal sites.................... the links in many such sites are not...
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