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  1. arun garg

    External hard Disk WDC or Seagate 1 TB

    I want to buy a 1Tb hard disk probably from WDC or Seaagate. But i want a compact and USB powered hard disk. how much is the warranty on these drives and what are there prices.
  2. saswat23

    500GB SATA 6Gbps

    Are there any 6gbps 500GB HDDs other than WDC Black.. What are there prices..?? Can anyone help me with it..
  3. sunny4691

    WDC 500gb or seagate 500gb

    Hey guys my bro is just going to by a 500gb hdd from smcinternational in an hour, tell me which one will be a better buy wdc or seagate, in regard with performance. I have heard some issues with seagate 7200.11 hdd, so that's why confused. And tell me the exact price there.
  4. P

    hitting the TB mark!

    i am looking for a 1TB internal HDD the choices are obviously, Western Digital GREEN(3 platters)32MB Buffer "WD10EADS" vs Seagate 7200.12(2platters) 32MB Buffer "ST31000528AS" after some reading, i found out that Seagate is cheaper,has better speed,less noise and...
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