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  1. bestpain

    Negative Experience bad service of flipkart

    i was successful to add leeco le 2 mobile(flash sale )to my cart and made the payment through debit card and my order was also processed. after one hour i received a message saying my order has been cancelled and the refund has been initiated. i am totally frustrated with flipkart . i...
  2. A

    is my money waasted.

    hey guys iam having iball rider gaming case for last 2months ,but i have seen some post and all are saying that iball case suckz so is my money wasted ibought that cabinet for 4k thank u
  3. INS-ANI

    need help converting/reading p65 format file

    Any one using adobe pagemaker, please post here. I have a urgent need to conver a .p65 file to pdf (or any readable format). I have wasted a lot of time to find a solution of my own.
  4. als2

    Harddisk Partition Problem

    my hard disk looks like disk 0 now i want to merge 120 GB with 80 Gb as 1 partition and 149 GB as single 2 partition but i am not able to do so even with partition magic i can only able to get 120 GB and 149 GB as single single partition and remaining 80 GB is wasted
  5. R

    burning problem

    hello guys I am Abhishek I am unable to burn any CD or DVD. I always have an error burning process failed I don't know what happened So I buy a new DVD writer but the problem is same I have wasted 6-7 cds due to this so kindly solve the problem I have nero 8 installed
  6. Ambar

    DVD writing problem.....

    Im having a very strange problem wid my DW-Q120A sony dvd writer......when i burn cd's no probs at all cd's work fine...even burned ones!......its able to read all kinds of DVD's....but the problem starts when i try to burn DVD's ..all the dvd get wasted in the same manner ....the way in which...
  7. santu_29

    ignou mca

    What is the value of ignou mca ? What is its market value ? I heard that most of the top-level it companies put aside the resume of a person having mca degree from ignou. that is, they don't even take the interview of ignou persons. Is it true ? or what's the logic behind this ? Even those who...
  8. Vyasram

    Linux probs continuing

    For the past 2 yrs, i've been trying to install or atleast boot a linux distro off a live cd/dvd 1) First i tried to install FC3, it ended up in a sata-support problem (4 cds wasted):( 2)Suse 10 live dvd, got a problem ,never rectified(1 dvd wasted):( link here...
  9. S


    Everyone here must have played some or the other edition GTA. So my question is simple. How many people/gang members have you wasted?? If you don't know how to get the number, pause the game while playing by pressing Esc, then goto "Stats" then select "Crimes" and see it there. Well heres my...
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