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  1. N

    NAT/DHCP inside dongle

    Hi, We are using TP-Link MR3020 3G/4G Portable router with Huawei K5150 4G dongle. When I use the combination here in India, I see public IP getting assigned as the WAN IP of the TP-Link router. However when the same is tried with an European operator, the TP-Link WAN IP is private IP...
  2. A

    slow bsnl bbnd plan 900 home unlimited

    fed up with this plan.it used to work fast till some card got burnt in the exchange,spoke to the regional manager at almora who controls my area also ie pithoragarh - a team came and fingered my connection,lines etc and finally the speed has slowed down-moreover the wi fi doesnt worknow-it...
  3. kARTechnology

    Dlink 2750u USB Storage FTP over WAN

    hi guys, I have Dlink 2750u, i connected Transcend 16gb USB drive to it and can can access that via LAN and I've mapped as network drive too :-D speeds are 3MB/s From lan, I can access it from \\\myname Even though I've setup password it does NOT ask for password...
  4. v.Na5h

    Telnet help to change pppoe mode to bridge

    Guys i need to change pppoe to bridge using telnet i need this to do ip change as reboot(pppoe) takes a lot of time and the dialer(bridge) is much better heres the deal now how do i change the protocol how to access that option what does "--" in '--protocol' mean how does this...
  5. patkim

    Wake On WAN Internet - not working

    I have Dlink 615 router. PC with AMD Athlon II & Gigabyte 880GM USB3 mobo. I am able to Wake up the PC on WiFi LAN. (PC is wired to Router) Used the free program available from depicus.com and triggered it from my Laptop also connected to same WiFi n/w. I am struggling with Wake up over...
  6. The Conqueror

    Call Center in China

    Sorry if it's a repost : Caller: Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan? Operator: Yes, you can speak to me.. Caller: No, I want to speak to Annie Wan! Operator: Yes I understand you want to speak to anyone. You can speak to me.. Who is this? Caller: I’m Sam Wan .. And I need to talk to Annie...
  7. S

    Logitech 5.1 speakers, 80GB HDD, 22" LG LCD monitor

    I wan to sell the following in kolkata only. I wan to sell Logitech MX-50 5.1 speakers. They are in perfect condition, working very well & the reason that I want to sell them is that I'm buying another high-range speaker. Items selling:- 1.Logitech 5.1 speakers@1.5K+ Anybody interested...
  8. emailaatif786

    ASUS RT-G32 Wireless Router

    I have BSNL SmartMax MT880 router, and used to surf internet from LAN connection to it. I have configuration on router as: PVC Number – PVC 0 Wan Type – PPP Connection Type – PPPoE VPI/VCI – 0 / 35 Default Route - Enabled User Name – ********* Password – ******** Use DNS – Enabled...
  9. C

    dual WAN router

    Hello friends since broadband has gone pathetic in our country i plan to get two broadband connection can someone please suggest me a good dual WAN with price im not familiar with such products thank you
  10. PCWORM

    Networking Queries

    HI ALL ..I have some queries regarding network technologies what are WI -FI and Bluetooth technologies , and what is basic difference between them???? what are LAN? , WAN and W-LAN technologies ??? is W-LAN and WAN the same thing ??? yes or no please explain it in details PLzz help...
  11. gsoul2soul

    Fast File sharing over WAN ?

    is it possible ? i have an internet connection using "PPoE" - WAN Miniport I am connected to my Server via a network cable and Network CARD The interent connection is Fair enough (considering the money and time i spend) Some of my other frens belong to same network... so i was thinking...
  12. R

    write dvd movies

    hi techies................ i hav some video files of movies in avi,mpg,dat format. i wan to write a dvd of it which can run on my home dvd player. i wan to write 3-4 movies in the dvd the one as we get in market in which a menu comes n we hav to select the movie. also every movie is in two part...
  13. K

    BSNL broadBand Prob

    I have a problem in broadband When they installed it worked.But after two days, i tried , i could get my LAN Led in adsl glowing but the WAN is not glowing if WAN light comes hte LAN goes. how to check the NIC card is fine or not? i get frequently discnnnected. When i try connecting...
  14. T

    how 2 search 4 blogs

    how do i search 4 a good blog which search eng or site should i use since i dont see this feature on google or yahoo or blooger for eg i wan t search for a blog on gmail help then how do i go abut doing it
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