1. B

    My PC not getting on

    i tried a lot , but pc isnt booting 1) few months ago , it had this problem, but then automaticaly it started. 2) but now more than a month i waited , but the same, pc isnt booting. pls help.
  2. Prongs298

    stuck in crysis 2, corporate collapse level

    i have been playing crysis 2 and i am stuck at the part where you have to kill that tripod thingy and then regoup at the vehicles. I do that exactly but nothing happens. I have even waited for 15 minutes and gone inside the vehicles but to no effect. Anyone?
  3. gaurav_indian

    Recommend a gfx card!

    haan bhai logon aur sab theek hai na?Theek hi hoge main jo yahan nahi tha.:) Now tell me from where i can get nvidia 8600 GT 512mb in new delhi.:mad: Guys at rashi peripherals say there is a shortage of 8600 gt.I have waited for 3 weeks still no response. Recommend some shops in delhi or...
  4. A

    Fedora 7 now available.

    the much waited fedora 7 is now available for public download.
  5. freebird

    Windows XP installation fails and hangs

    Hello, I tried to re-install windows xp on my friend's PC which already contains Fedora GNU/Linux installed.I restored the MBR using fixmbr cmd.then i installed Win XP boot disk and it boots and shows "setup is chking yo H/W..." then Hangs/Stops responding.only thing i noticed is the PC's red...
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