1. panacea_amc

    SE W550 help

    hello all, i want a larger display of the time like in w910i in the wallpaper display of my w550i. also is it possible to view the days of the week in the display? thanks
  2. panacea_amc

    << E-books in cell?? >>

    hello, i just came 2 know that e-books can be read over fones too.. will anyone please guide me how is that possible over my SE w550i fone?
  3. panacea_amc

    SE W550i help reqd.

    Hello people, i am havin sum problem in connectin my opera mini to my cell one gprs in my w550i.net gets connected 2 da default browser but doesnt connect to da mini opera.plz help:-l
  4. amanjagga

    SELLING W550i

    I have sony ericcson W550i for sale.Interested buyers just PM me with your queries and details or write to:-arinjagga@yahoo.co.in you can also call me on:-09417511355
  5. swap_too_fast

    SE W550i firmware?

    Does anyone knows where do i get firmware of SE W550i, if yes plz give me th link, thanks in advance!!
  6. sreek30

    sony ericsson w550i

    i need all the information about w550i can anyone tellme. i want to know how to forward movie clips in w550i
  7. blueshift

    List of mobiles reviewed

    The following is a list of mobiles reviewed by the members here. *If you feel your review has been left out, then please post the link to your review here or just PM me. Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson P910i *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12606 Review date:13-07-2005 SE K850...
  8. panacea_amc

    ===<< Airtel Mobile Office on SE w550i >>==

    i m having some trouble connectin to net on my SE W550i. i am using AIRTEL Mobile Office and wud want to browse the net on my pc using the phone as a modem. everything up to is fine, except that the connection cannot be made. i have tried using the SIM in my other phone samsung x700: here it is...
  9. P

    Help me with upgrading the firmware of sony ericssion w550i

    Help me with the firmware upgradation of sony ericssion w550i through web. What may be the risk doing it at home? Is there any things that may go wrong during the time of upgradation?
  10. yogi7272

    se w550i

    hi guys .. i have decided on this phone .. se w550i .. i am content with its 256 mb memory.. price quoted is 9650 rs .. is it fine ? also what precautions should be taken while purchasing .. ? pls help
  11. Official Techie


    cant connect w550i to the pc computer cannot find it how to do
  12. S

    best phone under 10k

    which is best phone under 10k it should have mp3 player and camera i am thinking of w550i
  13. niks999

    Sony Ericcson w550i

    plz review this mobile!!!!!!
  14. swap_too_fast

    about gprs of w550i

    I having SE W550i , and i am very beginner in mobile sttings & connectivity, please tell me how do i create gprs account in this phone, & what settings should i do?, I have cellone lifetime prepaid card. Thanks in advance.
  15. swap_too_fast

    SIS files on SE w550i?

    Can anybody tell me how can i run SIS files on W550i, if possible by any software, tell me the name of that !!!!
  16. S

    nokia 6270 slider probs

    well still i cant decide between the se w550i and nokia 6270 well i came to know about that nokia 6270 slider becomes loose and creates probs sometimes it goes so loose that it slides down whle calling and the call is dropped. some people suggested me for se w700i so for them i dont want a phone...
  17. LegendKiller

    Sony ericcson W550i

    My sis wants to buy a mobile,and our firends tell us this w550i is a good phone from sony.... I have checked the site and i'm quite satisfied with the features and all... But i have a few queries... 1.it has 256mb memory,can we upgrade it like in nokia??? 2.what kind of accessories will i...
  18. N

    need ur expert advice guys...

    hi guys, i m planning 2 upgrade 4m a SE K500i to a W550i or a K750i. i m confused between the two. i like the swivel action of the w550i but i have heard it tends to become faulty after a couple of months. also what about its joystick??? (SE phones have a very faulty joystick, i have...
  19. B

    CLEANING MY W550i?

    How should i clean some pen marks on my SE W550i? And how shud i protect my screen??
  20. B


    can anyone please give me the internet settings for hutch gprs for w550i? the sms method does not work and the STUPID hutchcare is doing nothing to provide the settings...plz help
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