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Hi! I recently signed on to a webspace provider who offers both PHP and CGI ? I wish to know which of them is better for a site and how can they be mastered? Are there any courses on the net, any pages? Plz post the links here.. After telling which of the both is better..


i tried cgi for about a year or so

i tried i tried and i tried

this month i tried php and i already feel like a pro

thats why i request tutorial section in digit :p


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I'm workin in PHP , but first , there r things which can't b done usin php but in cgi and vise versa . If you are new to web programmin , go for PHP . Hell lotta help in internet , pretty easy to learn . Lotta codes n scripts already made etc etc .



Go for PHP...the most popular server side scripting language....which mainly became popular since it's almost like C...actually PHP was made using C...and if you know something in C, i am very sure that you can learn and get on with PHP in less than an hour.


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Hmm.. well u cant compare PHP with CGI directly.. coz PHP is a scripting language wheras CGI is a Technology or Interface.. It just acts as a Gateway..

But anyway, PHP rules.. CGI based programs ruled the net once upon a time.. But they cause too much load on server..

PHP is widely used these days,, and the cost of Linux Webspace is lot lower than Windows or Java hosting.. This fact adds more advantage to opting PHP..

Well, but other conidtions like cost, being same for all types of hosting, my choice wud be JSP/servlets.. OMG>. Just too much functionality.. too easy to work with... usage of APIs.. really cool..


uh...how did you decide on the host? Did you see the features? How much space and bandwidth does he give you? How much did it cost you?
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