1. Sarath

    Vote count '14. How many of you didn't vote & why?

    As the topic says who all here haven't voted and what are your reasons for it, good or bad.
  2. Flash

    Which one portrays more violent - MOVIES or GAMES ?

    Me and my friend was having this discussion this morning. He stood for Movies, whereas i voted for Games. Like to see a similar discussion from TDFers here :mrgreen:
  3. darkv0id

    The Webby Awards

    Vote for your favorite gaming related website. Tell us who you you voted for, if you want to. P.S. I voted for Polygon. @ Mods I don't know if this is the right section; move this to another if it please you :-)
  4. ithehappy

    Do you believe in GOD?

    A simple Yes or No would do. I have voted mine.
  5. tejass

    I have voted thread!!

    hi all, The Name says it all. Lets see how many users are there on TDF who have voted or gonna vote in this years elections.8) I have cast my vote for the first time.:-D The number after the elections dates will be sent to the Janagraha foundations initiative to show them that online users are...
  6. A

    What's the best distro?

    Here are the names of some major Linux distributions. Tell me which one is your favourite Linux. I have voted for Fedora. Which One you like.
  7. Ron

    Please Vote for My cause

    Hey Frens I have voted for this noble cause and would like you people to vote for it as well.Its very simple and wont take a lot of time. Go to the link * Click on VOTE NOW Once you have voted, youwill get a mail to confirm your vote. Tomorrow is the...
  8. L

    reg. orkut...

    hi guys, in orkut, in the home page itself, there is something called "trusty" "cool" and "sexy"... right corner.... is there any ways to know the ppl who have voted for you???? /legolas
  9. q3_abhi

    Which type of PC's do u have?????

    Which of these types??? For games specially anyone???? Why do u prefer the type of Pc's u have voted???
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