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  1. a_k_s_h_a_y

    PC boot mystery

    The story. I got a new case today. Total of 2x120mm fans, 1x140mm fan Swapped out everything. I tried to remove graphics card heat sink to clean, failed. just put it back in. I cleaned the psu FSP Saga II fan with cool air hair dryer. First boot, sparks at GTX 285 8-pin connector...
  2. hari1

    Use android tablet as touchscreen for windows 8 installed on pc

    I have a new idea.:mrgreen: Eveybody knows that we can setup a vnc software or use remote desktop in windows 8 to access it on any android tablet with a vnc software. I have installed windows 8 on my pc and I do not have a touchscreen. I have a 10.1 inch android tablet. I have setup remote...
  3. desai_amogh

    issue: LXDE + vnc = black screen

    Hi Guys, I have a fedora 15 server, and it was consuming too much resources (ram, processor). I decided to remove gnome and install lxde. check online and removing gnome creates problems.. so i dint do groupremve "gnome desktop environment" but removed loats of gnome related unwanted...
  4. N

    Vnc Mobile software using for remotely connection to desktop computer via mobile pho

    Hello friends, I want to know that Can VNC software be installed on mobile phones at least biz phones like blackberry, nokia and so on? so I want to know is vnc mobile software can be used to remotely connect to the desktop computers located at home. thanks, tc Neelesh Suryawanshi.
  5. K

    Laptop boots but I have no video-help

    Hello all, I have a bit of an issue. My computer just started this a couple of weeks ago...Where it would seem like it would get hung up during shutdown or restart on the black screen after the "Shuting Down..." screen right before the power stops. Well then I would have to hold the power...
  6. J

    how to setup vnc viewer over an airtel broadband connection

    pls tell me how to configure a vnc viewer over a static ip address airtel broadband... becoz some of my friends needs assistance from me to troubleshoot their system, and it would be time saving for me to troubleshoot their system over the net from my system itself....:):p
  7. esumitkumar

    VNC error : unreachable host. (10065)

    I am trying to access my laptop from a remote PC I have VNC server installed on laptop..running win XP I have VNC viewer installed on remote PC (its also XP) wen i type in viewer address like "10.x.xxx.xx" it says --------------------------- VNC Viewer : Error...
  8. RCuber

    Sharing desktop remotely using real VNC

    Hello guys, here is one more tutorial from me. Sharing desktop remotely using real VNC. It often happens that if you have two or more computers that you will need to work on your desktop which is places in another room, you often need to be physically there at the computer to work on it...
  9. Batistabomb

    Why we use a vnc server

    Guys i had a small doubt why we exactly use a vnc server i.e; using vnc server in a lan can we see all the users desktops in my lan and see what work they are doing such as gmail chat,meebo e.t.c;
  10. Batistabomb

    What is a VNC Server

    Guys does anyone has an idea why we use an vnc (virtual network computing) server
  11. R

    VNC query

    Hello everyone I have some question and I thought that u guys can gimme some solution or clarify my doubts. I am connected to lan.My two friends and me installed softtware "VNC" and configured same password to have acess each others pc when needed. When we connect to each others pc through vnc...
  12. O

    cannot connect via vnc

    Hi I've used RealVNC for sometime now to connect to my friends pc. Now however I cannot via VNC. I cannot even ping his PC. My ISP is BSES broadband. I can surf the net okay. Others can connect to me via VNC. Whats causing this? Any ideas ? olcal
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