1. Charley

    TV Tuner card with Audio & video

    I want to convert my VHS tapes to DVD/CD/VCD ? Can this TV tuner card be used ?
  2. Charley

    Conversion - VHS Video Cassette to DVD/VCD/CD

    I want to know an easy & inexpensive way to transferring my VHS videos to CD/VCD/DVD/hard disk. I have seen Pinnacle which is expensive for home use. Any detailed help ?
  3. joey_182

    Jvc Compact Vhs Camcorder??

    Hey guys.... i have a question here about JVC VHS camcorder as it is VHS so...can u tell me how can i see the video on my pc.... well i connect the audio/video from camcorder to my aux point and i can only hear the sound but i also want to see video... so is it possible?? i mean it shd be...
  4. rakeshishere

    Is Porn the Key to the High-Def DVD War?

    Is porn the key to the high-def DVD war? I think not, and I was personally stunned when a writer for EE Times (of all places) suggested as much, commenting: "Thirty years ago, VHS toppled Betamax in part because of the adult film industry, and now some see blue movies playing a key role again as...
  5. V

    Vhs To Vcd

    how can i cobvert my vhs cassettes into vcd at home?? wot all is required n wot is the cheapest option.
  6. D

    Want: VHS to CD. Means: Suggest!!

    Hi guys, i have a video camera recording to VHS, you know, that big tape thingy, which of course i outdated, but i have some really important things recorded on it, but lately it has developed fungi and i want it converted into cd. Please express your honourable suggestions and stuff it into my...
  7. J

    Hardware for VHS tape to VCD conversion

    What are the necessary hardware and software tools required for converting my VHS tapes to VCD format ?
  8. R

    Reuirements for Converting VHS TO VCD On PC

    hi there well i had some valuable videos on some Video Cassettes is there a way to convert these videos to vcd format on my pc my pc config p4 1.7ghz 512 mb ram geforce fx 5200 (tv out) samsung cd rom and cd writer a onida video cassette recorder (VHS) sugest me what...
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