1. Skyh3ck

    how to combine two VCD movie into single file and convert it

    hello i have a movie in 2 VCD in AVSEQ.DAT format, now i want to joint files from both the VCD to make a single file. can anyone please suggest some easy to use freeware and method to do it
  2. Gaurav265

    need software to rip protected vcd

    i have a original movie vcd(eagle entertainment) and it was protected so ,we cant copy it, i need a good software that can copy the movie.i have tried dvd decryptor,game copy,nero etc nothing vcd there is a software tht i have excute it to play the movie and movie is only...
  3. ax3

    View Wolverine vcd ! ! !

    yesterday i bought this x-men-origins-wolverine vcd original plays on my dvd player without any error .... bt doesnt play on my laptop, shows blank when inserted in drive .... i want to view it laptop also whenever i want .... i tried with isobuster, dvddecrypter, clonecd, clonedvd...
  4. A

    vcd to dvd problem

    guys i tried to convert some of my vcd movies to a video dvd but i found that i could not add more than 4 movies in my dvd but the dvds i usually purchase from market comes normally with 6 movies...... can u please tell me that whats the difference so that i can make a dvd of 6 movies from my...
  5. quad_master

    avi to dat converter...???

    anybody can suggest how can i convert my .avi video files to .dat or something like that i can burn them as vcd..... if there r any opensource alternative plzzzzz also let me know....
  6. M

    how to convert 3 hours video to VCD ?

    how to convert 3 hours video to VCD ? Anybody,please? How ?.The video is a single file .MP4
  7. vikasg03

    How to write *.vob files as a DVD?

    Dear all, I am facing two problems. I have one DVD -video DVD for my brother s mrg. Now two things i want . I want to convert as a VCD, so that it play on VCD player also (TV). But whenever i convert it using xilisoft , it reduced the quality. is there any other S/W which convert the DVD...
  8. shreyadr

    AVI files to CD

    i have i movie in 2 AVI files ( size 698 mb total). how to burn those on CD ? will that work on my dvd player ? if not what is the solution ? i tried avi to vcd option but that increses the size of a file to almost double. :confused:
  9. enticer86

    VCD creaing troubles...

    Hello there, I wanted to write a 403MB WMV file to CD, to create a movie disk such that it plays on my DVD player too. I have a CD-Writer, not a DVD Writer in the PC. Nero does not write the file in "Create Video Disk" option, taking lots of time without any result. It also displays file...
  10. ayushman9

    How to easily edit a .vob file

    I recently brought home a wedding dvd of my relative ,as much of the scenes are boring which i do not need however i need some scenes without any dilution in quality. If i had a vcd then i could have easily used vcdcutter fast and simple ,but i am new to dvd arena I tried by changing the...
  11. aQi_g

    Which format to choose while converting video files so that they can play on my vcd ?

    I downlaoded 'Digital vedio converter'software from, i can Import from any video file such as AVI, DIVX, XVID, MP4, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV, etc.and can convert to file formats like AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG-4, H264), MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD), WMV, QuickTime ( MOV...
  12. M

    need a dvd to vcd converter- reg

    hi friends, be kind to share a dvd to vcd conveter. I m having some dvds. if I m gettingi can make them to watch frm my home vcd player naa. be kind to help. thanking u.
  13. D

    A VCD cutter and a joiner - mandates...

    Haah! lately I used Virtualdub for all type of video editing and it worked superbly, but the only catch the output is AVI(Which is actually good) But I need a Freeware or shareware software which does the job of Clipping and joining of multiple MPEG video files.... and output in MPEG only...
  14. L

    DivX to DAT?

    Would like to know if anyone here knows of any software that can convert from divx format to the vcd format, DAT. Thanks guys
  15. C

    Best software to covert DVD to VCD directly

    Hi guys...... well i have 4 DVD's my friend gave to convert from DVD to Vcd i tried googling but never got a straight solution.... its either payed software to be downloaded its some times frustrating u know :mad: ...... my question to u guys is.... which is the best free software...
  16. C

    Gotta Problem with Softlock DAT file

    :mad: :confused: Dear All, I got a problem with Protected VCD. The VCD could not be copied to another CDR, HDD It is VCD but it shows it is 9 GB (more size then DVD) I try to copy it on hdd but copying 50% it became hang. There is one dat file named softlock I need to unlook it. I can play it...
  17. a_medico

    <Please suggest a software> VCD to avi

    I need to rip a vcd (3 .dat files) to a single avi file. Which is the best software for the conversion? Sharewares will be fine. I am not looking for the ones which rip 3 files seperately. Single avi should be made automatically. Thanks in advance.
  18. mns.saraf

    DVD to VCD how ???

    i have a dvd.........but i don't have a dvd player to play that on TV but i DVD ROM ..........can i change it to normal ??
  19. saurabh.sauron

    Video Conversion Software

    is there any freeware software for converting video files of different formats (specifically AVI and MOV) to DVD, VCD, SVCD etc. i searched but could not find many useful softwares. pls help thnx
  20. Cool G5

    Tips for speeding windows vista

    Hi to all! My system config : ->P4 2.0 ghz ->768 MB ram(64 MB shared by graphics) ->Via unichrome pro igp(onboard) I installed windows vista enterprise edition on pc.But vista is running very slow.I tried to watch a vcd & it played like a slideshow.Even it takes a lot of time to boot.:(...
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