1. Raaabo

    Forum Updated 5/2/2014

    Please report any errors you come across here. Some avatars might be missing, hopefully not. :) The blogs and CMS are for later use, we've upgraded to the vbulletin suite to try and improve your experience, but it's a work in progress.
  2. Raaabo

    TDF Upgraded - Post bugs here please

    hi guys, we've upgraded TDF to VB 4.2. Need your help to post about anything we've missed here. Thanks! Obviously, the header, footer, ads, and everything related to styles is being worked on by ico. We've managed to fix attachments, albums, avatars, etc, but I'd appreciate it if everyone...
  3. ico

    vBulletin 3.8.x vs 4.1.x

    All right. Many members were talking about upgrading to the newer vBulletin version. I'm starting this thread to know about the advantages/disadvantages from the user point of view. I think most of you are on multiple forums so tell us about what is new in vB 4.1. Let us have a discussion on...
  4. The Conqueror

    Do you think we should upgrade to vBulletin 4?

    Well, there are plenty of bugs and other sorts of issues. I think its about time we upgrade to vBulletin 4. What do you think?
  5. webgenius

    need PHPBB alternatives

    Hi, My site forum is currently running on PHPBB. I am finding it difficult to manage PHPBB due to the complexity of installing mods to make it look and function better. Please suggest some free alternatives to PHPBB. Had a look at VBulletin, but it is a commercial version. I'm interested...
  6. ico

    Suggestions for a new lite theme!

    Give me suggestions for a new lite theme for vBulletin. :)
  7. ravi_9793

    vBulletin 3.8.3 released

    vBulletin 3.8.3 is a maintenance version, rounding up all the bugs and issues fixed by the development team since the release of 3.8.2 at the end of March. Upgrading from Previous Versions: 3.8.3 is a maintenance release. We recommend that all customers running prior versions of vBulletin...
  8. A

    question about vbulletin

    so my friend was running a forum and he want to protect few peoples account from being viewed by the others members is there any option in vbulletin that allows him to do that?is there any other option to protect some members anonymity in vbulletin? thanks for any further reply's...
  9. ax3

    phpBB or vBulletin ! ! !

    which power do u prefer 4 ur\this\any forum ? phpBB or vBulletin viewed some other forums on phpBB & wow they look cool .....
  10. satyamy

    Vbulletin or PHPBB

    I think this has been asked several time but digit search is not showing any proper results So I am aksing it again I am setting a Forum Pls suggest what to use Vbulletin or PHPBB ?
  11. satyamy

    Want to Insert Header and Background in Forum ?

    I have a Vbulletin forum, a header image and a backgound image, i want to insert that header and background into vbulletin forum, dont know how to do this ? can anyone tell Please can anyone help me in this ? Please help
  12. S

    Help (Related to vBulletin Email Function)

    Any one know ? How to Send Notice Email to All Mine Forum members in The vBulletin Forum...? Is that required any mods or what...
  13. F

    Mine Free VBulletin Skins

    This is An request to Confirm from Admin & mods Dread Digit, I am latron I Make Useful,VBulletin Skins Which are Free & have no Copyrights... I Want to Share Mine All Skins to All members present here... Whould You Allow Me To put Mine Made vBulletin Skins ??? please ..
  14. victor_rambo

    Will some admin confirm if this copy of vBulletin is legal or pirated?

    Dear Administrators, For the past few days, and especially after upgrade to v 3.7.0, I have found that there are many bugs in the 'core' scripts of vBulletin. Please do not mistake them for bugs in the new theme. Considering that these are very silly and small, I really doubt if a forum...
  15. S

    vBulletin Shoutbox (Confused) with Version & In Installation!

    Hello, I have Many much Problem in vBulletin Forum!!:( Actually I Want to Install a Shout Box in My Forum..But I Do not Know which Version or Name of the Sofware I Should Have to Take :confused: I Want This type of Shoutbox: But I dont Know What is The Name of this Version & I also...
  16. Gigacore

    vBulletin Mod CP Preview

    Hi Guys few people here are curious about what a vBulletin Mod can see.. Here it is... this is what i can see as a vBulletin powered Forum mod.... Forum Name has been smudged for security reason :D
  17. L

    Building Forums with Vbulletin ?

    Wonder if anyone here can share their Building Forums with Vbulletin tuts ? Too expensive to buy it maybe someone kind to share ? PM if me do pls lg
  18. shashank4u

    phpbb to vbulletin

    Right now my friend is using forum with phpbb and he wanted to shift to vbulletin and i wanted to know if it is possible. Anyone know if we can shift our database from phpbb to vbulletin.
  19. R

    .:~~Building Forums with Vbulletin~~:.

    This will grow your understanding and familiarise you with the power and possibilities of vBulletin. vBulletin's Administration Control Panel is where you can control every aspect of your board. From users, forums and word filters to skins, templates and maintenance, everything can be done...
  20. N

    Convert phpBB to vBulletin

    I have made a forum using phpBB 2.0.17. I want to convert it to vBulletin 3.0.8? How do i do this? I already have vBulletin 3.0.8 with me.
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