1. E

    VB.NET and databases

    I have made an app in vb.net that needs to access an online database. I have never worked with online databases before so i have no idea how to do it. Some basic thinks that i want to know: * What kind of server will i need to host the database. Will free ftp servers like xhosting work? i...
  2. bhutanesedude

    VB.NET Online Software...HELP

    Hello Geeks, I am a newbie in this software programming as you would know already. So far, during my college days, I just developed STAND-ALONE Softwares, having the Backend Database in the same system where the Front-End is installed. Today, I would like to try something different. Is...
  3. Y

    Which programming course should i opt?

    Currently i m in BCA II year. So which course should i opt from Java, C#.net or VB.net :?: Which of these have a better career future.
  4. I

    Learning VB.net / ASP.net

    Hello, I want to learn VB.Net and ASP.Net, mainly data-base driven applications. Can anybody please suggest me with which version should I start? Whether 2005 or 2008 of Dot.Net? Please tell me what different editions are available to use. Also, please suggest me some good (e)books /...
  5. M

    VB.Net or C++

    i'm a PHP programmer but i would like to start learning VB.NET or C++ and could not make up my mind between the two. Can u please give some suggestions.. and which one works better with MySQL and which is much easier to learn :)
  6. A

    How to convert vb.net file to c#?

    I have a vb.net GUI application.How do i convert it to C#.I use vs 2005.
  7. C

    [Silverlight 4.0] Spacewarrior - free online programming game

    Spacewarrior is a game in which users create algorithms controlling space ships, implement them in pure C# or VB.Net and fight against each other. It runs directly in a web browser, but requires Silevrlight 4.0. SpaceWarrior beta
  8. S

    Deploying program with earlier .net framework version

    Hi, I have created a VB.net program using VB.Net 2010 express edition. Reason for using vb is because I may have to recode it at a later date for VBA... Now, this version of VB.Net requires .NET framework version 4. But I want to be able to deploy the program on Windows 98SE systems, which...
  9. M

    vb.net or C# to enable/disable LAN

    Hi all im having dataone 500 plan.So to automate the night download have written code in vb.net to restart modem, enable/disable the network connection, start/stop softwares etc..It was done for the windows XP machine and worked fine for last 1 year..Now i installed windows 7 but not able to...
  10. F

    Sending image from VB.net to Matlab and vice versa

    Hi I require d following task 2 b done in my project. I m having .net front end n d processing of matlab ready... I need to pass d image from .net to matlab 4 processing and again back from matlab to vb.net to display in GUI. what all references shall i give ? is passing of image from...
  11. ajaybc

    Good books for learning PHP and VB.net

    G c
  12. Techn0crat

    Need IDE for VB.NET and ASP.NET

    One of my friends is now learning VB.NET and ASP.NET but he don't have IDE for that.Can anybody please tell me names of them or links from where they can be downloaded?
  13. A

    Need Help............on Visual C#.NET

    Hey anyone can plz tell me how to make an application run as a single instance form..yes i know how to do it using VB.Net but not with VC#.NET.......... Help Me Plz
  14. S

    Sending embedded images in Outlook through vb.net

    Hi, I am making a vb.net application of sending mails automatically with an embedded image. My problem is that when i send the mail the image is not showing up on other PC as the path is local to my PC. please help. Note:I have used HTML tag with a img src for displaying an imgae
  15. iMav

    VB & VS Difference?

    Guys I am not into programming and have no clue what-so-ever about any of this. SO can someone explain to me what's the difference between Visual Basic; Visual Studio & Visual Basic .NET (VB.Net). Thank you.
  16. 047

    Vista help plz !! urgent!!

    Hi i got my laptop HP 520 Notebook 2 months back. I formatted the preinstalled vista starter and installed xp on it becoz i had to use vb.net 2005. now i want to get my vista starter back. Is there any way to get it back? Plz help me someone? can recovery disc help me?
  17. H


    hello, i m in Btech 2nd year of comp sci.. can ny1 out here suggest wheather i should go for VB.NET or LINUX(RHCE certification) in my 2 month training..:confused:
  18. S


    what is the main advantage of vb.net over vb? it has got better features
  19. P

    How to link VB.NET with SQL SERVER ?

    Hey friends!! I have a query here. How do we connect Vb.Net with Sql Server?? I need this for my project:cool:
  20. K

    About VB.NET

    Can Anybody tell me How to find video lessons about learning of the VB.NET in google .If anyone know the website then please send URL of it.:confused:
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