1. Faun

    [SOLVED][JAVASCRIPT] setting class of an element using function

    I have this input element with id "sku" I am using this function sku.keyup(function(){ if($("#sku").val().length < 4) { $("#sku").attr("class","error"); }else { $("#sku").attr("class","ok"); } }) $('#sku').blur(function(){ if($("#sku").val().length < 4) {...
  2. D

    Is it possible to swap two numbers without using a third temporary variable?

    please answer if u can.

    Assembly Language Discussion Thread

    Hi, i want to make program 8086, i am using emu 8086 stimulator, i want to know how to save data with variable name....?? Reply........... please reply..............
  4. A

    What speed do you get on your 3g connection?

    Hi Let us discuss what speeds we get on our 3g connections, plans and tarriffs. I have an Airtel Flexishield Rs.675 plan. Rs.675 up to 1.25 GB free Then 1p per 100 Kb at 3G speeds Max bill possible = Rs.2000 for 14 GB at 3G speed After that unlimited browsing at 20Kbps, post 14 GB that...
  5. arpanmukherjee1

    variable names of c/cpp

    hello people, I was thinking about :rolleyes: pointers that would retrieve the variable name and NOT the value.... i know that after compiled the prg does not have any var name. but if i want to write a prg like int a=2,b=3,sum; sum=a+b; cout<< THE VAR NAME "sum"...
  6. I

    i gt problem in C Program again !!! HELP ME PLS !!!

    How do you exchange or swap TWO (2) variables A and B with using a third or temporary variable? C program (Attach TWO (2) sample output for each program) JUST SHOW ME 2 EXAMPLE OF C PROGRAM
  7. gary4gar

    Firefox issue:failed to reserve range

    i have Latest version of FF3 though Ubuntu updates, but it has been crashing for me. gaurish@Moody-Machine:~$ firefox nsHeaderInfo: registerSelf called! nsHeaderInfo: registerSelf called! preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range 00000000-60000000 preloader: Warning: failed to reserve...
  8. PcEnthu

    Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable

    Ok guys. Here is the problem. There are two variables x and y which hold numbers. You have to swap the value of the two variables. U might say, just store the value of x in a temporary variable z, store value of y in x and finally store z value in y :D Here is the tricky part, u have to do it...
  9. mak1012

    how add environment variable in ubuntu

    hey fols i just installed J2ee sdk in my ubuntu but i'm not able to add the environment variable in.. i referenced the sun's site it says but in ubuntu there is no $HOME/.profile... please tell me if there is ne other way to do this..
  10. M

    Explain the anomaly in the c prog

    #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main(){ clrscr(); int i,j,k; i=10; k=10; j=i++ + i--; printf("\nValue of i after expression : %d",i); printf("\nPrinting from Variable : %d",j); printf("\nPrinting from Expression : %d",k++ + k--); printf("\nValue of k after expression : %d",k)...
  11. zegulas

    How to solve this Differential Equation problem??

    I am tryin to solve it, plz help me yaar solve it using the Variable Separable Form: y (2 log y + 1) dy= (Sinx + xCosx) dx
  12. sridatta

    Tutorial : Know about Environment Variables in Windows XP

    Hello guyz.. when i am browsing through the system properties box, I just had a glance at Environment Variables.. and... I thought i could post a tutorial about this.. What are Environment Variables? Environment variables are specially named aliases or placeholders for certain basic...
  13. D

    leading 0's padding. Is it possible in c++?

    i need to store the number '00011' in an integer variable but since C++ considers the 3 zeros insignificant, it drops them by default and only the number 11 gets stored in the variable.. How can i store the binary number as it is...... can someone help. im trying to write a function that...
  14. G

    cant declare a string variable...

    hello.. i've just recently begun withh c++ programming in linux, and i am using debian sarge(stable) and gcc 3.3. my problem is that i am nor being able to use string variables, whenever i declare a string variable with string *variablename*.. the compiler returns an error "variable string...
  15. Official Techie

    problems in programming language

    i want to know whats the problem i want to print the address of a initialised variable #include<iostream.h> int main() { int i; int z; z = &i; cout<<"the address"<<z; cout<<"\n"; cout<<"the value is"<<i; return i; } the error --------------------Configuration: a...
  16. mediator

    HELP shell scripting!!

    I want to develop a shell script which dispalys system information like CPU speed,RAm,processor type etc. So far i have been able to knowonly one variable -> $HOSTNAME If anybody know more shell variables like thisplease post here or post complete shell script!
  17. K

    HowTo convert C struct with array of another struct in java

    How to convert C code(given below) in java C code: struct structA { int varA[4]; float varB[2]; } struct structB { int len; structA varC[50]; } void main { structB varD[10]; ..... ..... somefunction(varD) { ..... } } Here i have a structure A with variables of...
  18. shoegoe

    C/C++ simple challenge

    we all know how to swap numbers in a program.. BUT we use a variable temp/like that to store the initial value.. can the same be done without using a TEMP variable?
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