1. theserpent

    BioShock Infinite:Story/Ending Discussion[SPOILER THREAD]

    So I Finshed the game,I am so confused I Dint even understand the story a BIT THANKS TO The tears. So I was all fine untill that blacksmith mission untill she started making up all these tears. Anyone can explain the ending
  2. napster007

    Major Troubleshoot : Vista ultimate [SOS]

    Hey guys.. i've been usinf Vista Ultimate for about a month now. Recently it seems to have developed a problem. Whenever i boot my system everything goes fine untill after the WELCOME screen of vista.The welcome screen is displayed but then after that only the pointer shows up and the rest of...
  3. D

    Oblivion 2 and gma x3000!

    i recently installed the 15.6b patch for my g965ry motherboard and still oblivion 2 crashes after i reach the sewer level just after the king dies ;it was playing fine untill then.(it shows loading and it then just quits ). plz help me!!!
  4. A

    Help with Opera

    I recently formated my PC and (re)installed Media Center and also the opera(I use opera due to its session saver). Now when I started opera 9.02 after some 20-25 tabs the cpu uses of opera goes 97-98% i.e. I can not do anything untill I close opera. When I installed opera 9.00 after 10-12...
  5. godsownman

    Broadband Confusion

    Hi, I am in a dilema and thats why I put this up for your opinions. I had posted something similar but i forgot to use the POLL feature so I repost here.Sorry for that. I was nearly convinced untill I heard some conflicting views. So please vote at you choice. Also is a 64 kbps...
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