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Microsoft is on Top of the World Wide Web

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Microsoft in on top of the world wide web. The Redmond Company has managed to stay ahead of Google, Yahoo, Tine Warner, Wikipedia, Apple and additional household names. According
to data made public by comScore, Microsoft is the top global web property in February 2007. comScore has produced two different comparisons of the top world wide Internet properties, classifying them according to the average visits per visitor and by unique visitors.

As far as unique visits are concerned, Microsoft managed to occupy the leading position in a top ten of global properties in the second month of 2007. With 507,317,000 unique visitors, Microsoft's online properties ranked number one ahead of Google.

The Mountain View search giant was attributed with only 503,033,000 unique visitors, breathing down Microsoft's neck. But the small difference between Microsoft and Google is not repeated when it comes to the third position occupied by Yahoo. Google and Yahoo are separated by no less than 44,000,000 unique visitors. And the gap between these positions only becomes larger. While Yahoo sites attracted some 458,985,000 unique visitors, the Time Warner Network in forth place numbered only 256,242,000.

Things change when it comes to the top online properties that attracted the most average visits per visitor at a global level. This chart is dominated by Asian sites with the NHN Corporation at the top. Google is ahead of Microsoft as the Mountain View company accounted for an average of 24 visits from each visitor in February.

The visitors of Microsoft's web properties only returned to the Redmond Company's sites an average of 22 times. The statistics additionally indicate that Yahoo, with 21 average visits from each visitor was surpassed by Facebook with 22 visits. When it comes to the most engaging websites world-wide Google is fourth, Microsoft fifth, Facebook sixth and Yahoo seventh.



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Yeah, Google should have been on the top list, specially since Live Search's marked share isn't increasing.

The MS website hasn't been in news too. Even Apple's website was in news -- the Mac/iPod/iPhone/
TV ads and Jobs's "Thoughts on Music".
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