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  1. K

    Want to add a 4tb hdd

    As the title suggests, I want to add a 4tb hdd to my current pc which already has 2tb hdd and a 512gb ssd. I read somewhere that hdd's more than 2.2tb won't support on bios. You need to have something called UEFI. Is this true? Also, what is UEFI? And what do I need to do to make my 4tb hdd run...
  2. V

    How to Enable UEFI Fast boot?

    HI I just upgraded to Win 10 From Win 7 Now I want to Enable Fast Boot So How can i do it ? I tried to set CSM To UEFI nothing happens it boot for legacy bios again :-? Do i Need To Format OS & Reinstall in GPT partition & Is secure Boot need for fast boot? My sys spec are AMD FX8350...
  3. patkim

    Motherboard supporting UEFI + Secure Boot

    As I plan to build my new desktop (general home computing) at this point I have to start with my first requirement that it should have a mid-range motherboard AMD AM3+ or Intel 1150 or similar that supports UEFI + Secure Boot. Unfortunately info about secure boot support is poorly documented on...
  4. patkim

    seeking clarification - what is 'UEFI Ready' graphics card

    I find a term ‘UEFI ready’ Graphics card. What does it actually mean? Could someone clarify please. If I have a mobo that supports UEFI, should I be looking for such graphivs card for compatibility. Also does ‘secure boot’ being enabled affects ability of Graphics card from running / operating...
  5. A

    Questions about windows installation

    Hey Guys Today I got a notification about windows 10 availability on july 29 and to reserve my free upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7. I have a few questions about windows 10 installation I have three laptops of which two came with windows 8 installed. But after some time I uninstalled...
  6. patkim

    some queries abt UEFI

    Am bit confused about UEFI and Windows Install and have some noob questions. Did some reading on net but it only adds to confusion! If I wish to build a PC that has UEFI, do we get mobos that have UEFI instead of BIOS Various mobo vendors that use terms like 3D BIOS, Click 4 BIOS etc are...
  7. S

    dual boot an uefi system

    hi I have an dell vostro having win8 installed in uefi GPT partition. My question is that if I install windows 7 on a non gpt partition and boot it in legacy bios mode rather than an uefi mode will it effect the win8 which is in uefi mode. pls reply
  8. A

    Motherboard VGA and Graphics Card will still perform?

    my mother board is asus P8H77-V I RECENTLY BOUGHT SAPPHIRE R9 290 TRI X the prob is my display has VGA connecter So is it possible to connect my display to motherboard vga and still use the graphics card? through bios options? i don know. and what is UEFI i noted UEFI on my motherboard and...
  9. A

    Need help dual booting Windows7 on Dell Vostro 3560 with UEFI

    Hi friends, I have to install Windows 7 alongside Windows 8 on a Dell Vostro 3560 laptop. The problem is that it comes with the new UEFI boot time firmware. Now I tried following a guide on eightforums to do so but with no success. link to the post The problem came in creating the uefi and gpt...
  10. Tejo

    Need help regarding solving an issue - probably an OS issue - NP550 - S05IN

    Hi friends, I'm using S05IN. Some time back some virus came in to the system and the antivirus I'm using didn't do any defense. So I tried a different antivirus and finally it is solved. But the prob is, since then my laptop became very slow. If I open the task manager, it shows 97% hdd...
  11. W

    New vicious UEFI bootkit found for Windows 8

    New vicious UEFI bootkit vuln found for Windows 8 ? The Register
  12. G

    UEFI ON Intel H67 BL MOBO

    hi anyone tried UEFI on intelh67 BL motherboard . just wanna know how its works and watz the advt By Default its disable . Thanks :) And also any one tweak its performance menu in BIOS ..?
  13. D

    Optimum Configuration

    Dear users, I am a IX student from Pune. I would like to buy a ready made desktop or assemble a new computer, as my old one is........... well, old. So, I am a regular reader of the Magazine and am very happy with the June anniversary issue. Anyway, straight to the point. I would like the...
  14. mavihs

    Exclusive: BIOS will be dead in three years

    It's the one major part of the PC that's still reminiscent of the PC's primordial, text-based beginnings, but the familiarly-clunky BIOS could soon be on its deathbed, according to MSI. The motherboard maker says it's now making a big shift towards point and click UEFI systems, and it's all...
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