1. A

    Mouse under 800 Rs.

    Guys as gaming mouses are more than 1000 INR. I need good mouse for gaming and general computing coz i have used many 175-200 Rs. kind of mouses and this tym i dont want to go with them. :x My budget this tym is 800 RS. :oops: prefer brands are : 1. Microsoft 2. Logitech 3. As you suggest
  2. A

    php vs .net

    hye guys! i wana do a part tym job of developing projects i.e. take the project from somewhere and develp at home. am confused what techology should i choose 1. .net (WPF & SILVERLIGHT) 2. PHP in yr 2008 i hv done .net 2.0 framework. but at this tym i hv to refresh myself. I lived in punjab...
  3. A

    Help required plzzz

    Hi I hv been using my p4 pc wit 512 mb ram n xp installed since 3 yrs.Nwadays its givin me headache.It takes long tym 2 strt after hiiin strt button n thts nt in logging in bt its hard drv light keeps red fr long tym n then it starts.Then also after workin for sumtym it suddenly hangs or...
  4. pr.itdude

    which s/w u downloaded last tym......???

    hi guys, tell me which s/w u downloaded last tym in the following pattern (this will b helpful for all........as sometimes we need a s/w but cant make it for...) lets begin with me..... s/w : video edit magic {tell here name of the s/w} tag : name says all (but then also, for video...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    How Can I Know Last Accessed Time Of My PC

    hey..........frndz is thr any way i mean any command or sumthn lyk that to know when my pc last turned on n the duration.......?????? or sumthing frm which i can know the last accessed tym of my pc????? thnx in adv.......plz help.........its urgent....!!!!
  6. s_arka_r


    GUYS, i m having a problem with u-torrent; whenever i start it at night, it starts checking for the files in the torrent directory, and takes a hell lot of tym to start with the download...plz see image.... any idea of WTH is going on???????
  7. A

    Cd's do not autorun

    I don't know why but the cds do not autorun aftr som tym after fresh installs.....i had reinstalled windows and then cds autoran for som tym but aftr that they stopped autorunning again...does anyone know the solution??
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