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  1. I

    Trustworthy place to get iPhone repaired in west Delhi

    Hi all, I was just handed down two partly broken iphone 4 . One's screen is cracked but usable and the other one's speakers aren't working. I know there are plenty of mobile phone repair shops but I am hesitant on taking it to just about anyone. Can you please recommend a trustworthy repair...
  2. kartikoli

    Simple and trustworthy motherboard for athlon 270

    I want a simple and trustworthy motherboard to power athlon 270 (gigabyte preferred) in a budget. The PC will be used as a backup and wont be upgraded in near future It will be used for web browsing , MS office , movies and occasional gaming Please suggest motherboard with IGP Looking...
  3. animes_d

    Tablet in 10-12k

    I would like to buy a tablet for gaming, net surfing, watching videos. Plz suggest from the trustworthy brands. And definitely I'm looking for durability and performance both. Thank you.
  4. cacklebolt

    is OLX trustworthy??

    is OLX and quickr trustworthy?? the advertise a lot but i dont think they are as trustworthy as flipkart,ebay and hs18. your views ??
  5. kapilove77

    Online buying?

    Hello guyz, i can't find Msi n560ti hawk here in delhi anywhere, so i decided to buy it online. Plz suggest me trustworthy sites. Also tell me is zotac 560ti good card? cuz its everywhere here.
  6. doom_marine

    Online Shopping

    Is there any good site in which i can purchase computer components online and is trustworthy too.
  7. doom_marine

    Buying a Product from abroad

    I saw a very good deal for a motherboard and processor from a american website, i was wondering if i purchase it and ship it into india would i have any problems. if yes, like what all problems would i have. The site is a trustworthy site so i just want to know what all problems i would hav...
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