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  1. A

    software to encrypt files in windows 8

    please suggest anything other than TRUECRYPT which isnt available anymore
  2. patkim

    True crypt is shutdown?

    Came across this TrueCrypt Encryption Software Shut Down, May Be Compromised interestingly the site truecrypt.org is no longer available and simply redirects to another page where it mentions that truecrypt may not be safe and recommends users to switch to other encryption tools like windows...
  3. S

    help regarding truecrypt volume

    hai friends, deleted the truecrypt volume accidentally . Can anybody tell me about recovering the volume without going to the professionals. thanks.
  4. patkim

    TrueCrypt SW - Query

    Has anyone used TrueCrypt, open source encryption tool? Am exploring it currently. It also provides encrypted file container as a volume that can be mounted so that it appears as one more volume in Explorer. All files you copy & process here are now encrypted and internally reside inside that...
  5. ramakanta

    Guide to make strongest passwords

    Here I am posting this ref. to an excellent SANS guide on simple ways to make your passwords stronger, yet still remember them:- http://www.sans.org/reading_room/whi...ation/1636.php A reliable alternative is to use a password manager program. Two of the better ones: KeePass Password Safe...
  6. C

    AxCrypt, truecrypt vs 7 zip which one should i use?

    Axcrypt , truecrypt & 7zip all uses aes encryption so which one should i use? i inclined toward 7zip bcoz it compresses file very well & 7zip file is also supported by other archiver ie winrar, also support aes 256 & works from context menu i have no intention of encrypting entire hdd or...
  7. cluby

    password protect folder on portable hdd

    can ne one suggest a software so that I can passwd protect folders on my transcend hdd. tried the truecrypt it encrypts whole drive , when drive is inserted windows asks to format the drive , neone can accidentally do that instead of mounting the derive with truecrypt. so if there is...
  8. go4saket

    Problem with Truecrypt?

    Hi Guys! I have some very very confidential date in my computer which I keep in encrypted format using Truecrypt. For testing purpose, I installed a key logger in my computer and then mounted my encrypted date using Truecrypt. After that I checked my key logger software and to my horror, I...
  9. go4saket

    Bestcrypt or Truecrypt - Which 1 is better?

    Hi Guys! As the tytle says, which among Bestcrypt and Truecrypt is a better encrypting software in terms of better encryption, features and stability. Thank you.
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