1. ramakanta

    Flash as a torch

    I have Nokia N73 mobile . I want to use my camera Flash as Torch when ever required at night . is it possible . please help me. thank you.
  2. A

    Is it worth buying bb older range ?

    Now that blackberry is moving to BB os 10, Is it a good idea to buy the Bold or the Torch 2? Not sure when BB will stop support for os 7.
  3. TheLetterD

    Modifications to make an Android phone very easy to use. Help please?

    Hello I wanted a phone with a large display, a front facing camera and a very easy to use UI for my Grandfather (Who is now 70). My budget was 10K. I have short listed(and with your help want to finalize too! :) ) on the Micromax Canvas 2 A110! So now I need to know how can I customize or get...
  4. R

    2 Mobiles for around 10k

    Hi all I need 2 mobiles for around 10k INR total. I can add another 5k if the amount is not enough. 1st one is for my dad. I know I don't have to fill the "Questionnaire for Mobile phone purchase queries" as the only required feature except basic features is TORCH. The TORCH should work even...
  5. N

    Suggest phone for dad

    Need to buy phone for dad this weekend. Phone will be used only for calling. 1. Need excellent battery life 2. Need torch in it. wow..not even a single reply ?
  6. V

    Blackberry Torch 9860 Unlock Software needed

    Hello people I have just moved from UK to India and want to unlock my Blackberry Torch 9860 so that i can use a sim here in India Do you knw any such free software which i can download and unlock my phone please
  7. dd_wingrider

    BlackBerry Torch 9860 Vs Nokia Lumia 800

    Can any one help me in making a choice between these 2, have to buy one this weekend and its getting more confusing, i will be a first time user WP7 and BB as well. Have been playing around with iPhone and Android phones, and its time to move on. Played a little with my friends torch 9860 and...
  8. Empirial

    Blackberry Torch & Vodafone BIS 299

    Blackberry Torch & Vodafone BIS 399 Hi Guys, I'm thinking of buying New Blackberry Torch as my 2nd phone with Vodafone Prepaid Connection. Anybody here using Vodafone BIS 399 prepaid plan? How good is this plan & does it has unlimited web surfing facility? Thanks!
  9. T

    BlackBerry Torch Review:Will It Shine In The Dark??

    First Impressions We Waited long for the arrival of the BlackBerry OS 6, and it is finally here with the rumored BlackBerry Torch 9800. A Touchscreen phone with a slideout QWERTY keyboard.Read More At: CyBeR nAuTéS: BlackBerry Torch Review: Will It Shine In The Dark??
  10. A

    phone between 18-20

    i am having budget of 19.5 requirment 1.wi fi 3.5mp cam 4.look 5.plz dont laugh at me on this i wana phone flash to be used as torch also so plz suggest those phone which can be turned torch also i am on tight budget also:grin: or plz suggest more models in this range
  11. girish.g

    torch flashlight

    The Torch flashlight: why illuminate when you can incinerate? \ Sure, there's always the pukelight for good times around the house, but sometimes you've just got to do some damage -- which is where The Torch from Wicked Lasers comes in. The 4100-lumen flashlight is being considered for the...
  12. Official Techie


    i have heard about a software for nokia phones which increases the intensity of the backlight very much such that it behaves like a torch
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